Well, only kind of – it’s the last day of the work week for me. I could not be happier.

Yesterday was my workout day off – I just did my SBSD abs & push-ups (35 last night). I had a black bean & ricotta wrap (with salsa – very delicious) and some wine & watched Mythbusters.

This morning I headed to the gym for a spin date with the Amibitious One. Unfortunately, she’s having a toe problem and couldn’t put any shoes on, which makes both running & spinning hard. Since I can’t spin if I don’t have a ride to work, I hopped on the treadmill for a couple of miles (I didn’t want to do too much, as I’m trail running tomorrow) and just concentrated on pace.

10:30 (.5 miles)
10:00 (.5 miles)
9:46 (.5 miles)
9:30 (.25 miles)
9:15 (.25 miles)

20:03 total

Then I switched over to the bike for 30 minutes (8.6 miles, low resistance) before doing my 200 crunches.

I think something good is happening to my stomach – the crunches are still hard, but I no longer want to die afterwards. So far this week, I have done 1,000 crunches! If I keep this up (and I will), by 5/31 I will have done 16,800 crunches. That should mean that my ab muscles are ready for exposure, right?

It’s a pretty day today – not warm yet, but it’s supposed to get there. Tomorrow is also supposed to be gorgeous – which is nice. I can’t wait to hit the trails.

The weekend is supposed to be a little less nice – gray & rainy – but at least not super cold, so the race shouldn’t be too bad!

And finally – a question. I am thinking of taking a little weekend mini-vacation – just me, but am not sure where to go. My conditions:

1) it needs to be somewhere United flies
2) it needs to be somewhere I can fly to & from quickly (2 night trip, don’t want to spend all my time traveling)
3) it should be somewhere I can stay cheaply
4) it should be not freezing
5) it should not be somewhere where I would feel obligated to do anything (like see people)

Any ideas?

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