Well, only kind of – it’s the last day of the work week for me. I could not be happier.

Yesterday was my workout day off – I just did my SBSD abs & push-ups (35 last night). I had a black bean & ricotta wrap (with salsa – very delicious) and some wine & watched Mythbusters.

This morning I headed to the gym for a spin date with the Amibitious One. Unfortunately, she’s having a toe problem and couldn’t put any shoes on, which makes both running & spinning hard. Since I can’t spin if I don’t have a ride to work, I hopped on the treadmill for a couple of miles (I didn’t want to do too much, as I’m trail running tomorrow) and just concentrated on pace.

10:30 (.5 miles)
10:00 (.5 miles)
9:46 (.5 miles)
9:30 (.25 miles)
9:15 (.25 miles)

20:03 total

Then I switched over to the bike for 30 minutes (8.6 miles, low resistance) before doing my 200 crunches.

I think something good is happening to my stomach – the crunches are still hard, but I no longer want to die afterwards. So far this week, I have done 1,000 crunches! If I keep this up (and I will), by 5/31 I will have done 16,800 crunches. That should mean that my ab muscles are ready for exposure, right?

It’s a pretty day today – not warm yet, but it’s supposed to get there. Tomorrow is also supposed to be gorgeous – which is nice. I can’t wait to hit the trails.

The weekend is supposed to be a little less nice – gray & rainy – but at least not super cold, so the race shouldn’t be too bad!

And finally – a question. I am thinking of taking a little weekend mini-vacation – just me, but am not sure where to go. My conditions:

1) it needs to be somewhere United flies
2) it needs to be somewhere I can fly to & from quickly (2 night trip, don’t want to spend all my time traveling)
3) it should be somewhere I can stay cheaply
4) it should be not freezing
5) it should not be somewhere where I would feel obligated to do anything (like see people)

Any ideas?


  1. Alisa

    Good job the run and abs! After all these crunches they better be ready for exposure =). HEHE!

    As for a mini-weekend escape…what about Arizona? Highs for the next two days in Phoenix are 77-78-80 respectively. I bet you could get a cheap hotel room. Vegas usually has good last minute deals. San Diego is always a personal favorite for me =).

  2. My first thought was Florida – but you’re on the other coast and it’s spring break – which is a sucky time to go to FL anyway. Then Vegas came to mind too – it’s warm and there’s a lot going on – but no one will hassle you if you sit with some coffee and write for a couple of hours. (Of course then I saw Alisa said that first. GMTA and all. šŸ˜€ ) How about Albuquerque, NM? It’s warm and there are really interesting things like the petroglyphs to see and cool trails to run on by the Rio Grande. (I have no idea where United flies. I always fly Southwest.) What a great idea though – to get away by yourself. Have fun!!

  3. I second the Arizona suggestion. It is one of my favorite places in the whole universe. The weather is beautiful, you can get a little dose of culture if you’re interested, or you can just lounge in the sun. It’s perfect.

  4. vegas baby! short flight for you, no freezing, you might not know anyone there, and you can do anything you want.

    awesome job on the tempo work and crunches! and i’m jealous of 35 pushups. you are really rocking it out!

  5. I was going to say SF until I saw the last number šŸ™‚ because I would make you obligated to see us hehe

    great job on the run and abs! wow thats a lot of crunches we will be doing šŸ™‚

  6. Arizona didn’t even occur to me because I am there all the time. But the weather is nice. There are cheap places to eat… and if you use or Hotwire, you can stay *very* cheaply (I regularly snag 4 stars for less than $100!). However… it is *SO* freaking spread out that it would possibly cost a fortune, or half of a fortune, to get from the airport to your hotel unless you want to spring for a rental car.

    I say SF. The weather might be decent. You don’t have to talk to anyone. You can take bart straight into the city, and I’m betting that you can find a cheap but nice hotel on Priceline or Hotwire.

    And though I’m not a lover of Vegas (and besides, weren’t you just there?) you can take the monorail, you can definitely find a cheap hotel (unless it’s spring break, I’m guessing!), and you hang poolside with your shades on and not talk to anyone.

    I think it would be so fun to take a weekend getaway solo!
    Hope you’re feeling better…

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