I am feeling better – physically. I’m still upset about missing my run & having 9 miles to make up (I really want to hit 100 this month).

I ran 5 this morning (53:28) and will run 3 more tonight with the architect.

I’ve made up 100 of the 400 missed crunches (I’m going to add 100 every day for 4 days until I’m caught up).

I did 26 push-ups last night.

But work – is kicking my ass. I have a deadline of yesterday. I have not yet received everything I need for this deadline. I am stressed out. Seriously. I hate not getting things in on time.

I’m beginning to wonder when I will either a) figure out how to not let stuff like this get to me or b) figure out how to make people give me stuff ON TIME dammit.



  1. Alisa

    If you figure out B…please let me know!

    Nice 26 pushups…the real way or girl way? I think I can only do like 5 the real way. But Jillian has me workin’ the arms.

    SO glad you are feeling better.

    As for the 100 mile month, I think you can totally do this still…just add a few miles to every workout the rest of the month and you’ll have it made up in no time!

    1. I am developing an ulcer, I think, from the non-meeting-of deadlines.

      As for the push-ups, regular push-ups for me. I am doing the 100 push-up challenge, but doing each week twice, because I don’t actually care about doing 100, just about getting strong, toned arms 🙂

  2. man i’m still on girl push ups…but people don’t give me shit late cause I get kinda grouchy… or I just say well guess we missed the deadline cause I’m not gonna pay for your slackerism

  3. st patty’s day has a way to deal with stress. liquid lunch! no….. my company has a trade show starting tomorrow and dropped a 30 day project in my lap. it has to be done before the show starts? ughh. right there with you sister.

  4. Can you LIE to those people and tell them their deadline is 3 days before you really need it and that you’re going to FIRE their butts if they don’t get it to you on time? I have all kinds of issues about missing deadlines so it would make me CRAZY to have to rely on people who didn’t get stuff to me. Hope you work it out without putting stress on your healing body! Good job on the runs – I’m so pulling for you with that 100 miles!

    1. I wish I could fire them, but since without them, I would have no job – and also they are all WAAAAY above me on the org chart, I guess I probably can’t. Ultimately, if we miss the final deadline because they didn’t get stuff to me on time, it’s not my fault, but still – I WANT things to go in on time. On time = cashy money. Cashy money = Amy has a job.

      Waiting around for people to get me stuff means more time to surf the ‘net though – so it’s not ALL bad.

  5. don’t stress about your missed miles… getting sick happens. just move on… maybe add a mile onto a few runs and then you will get your 100?? glad you are better though!

    1. I think that is exactly what I’m going to do – and hopefully I’ll still hit my 100 – and if I don’t, I guess I probably won’t quit running & become a pizza-eating hermit. There’s always next month!

  6. Wow, so much stress! Your coworkers don’t seem to have any respect for you. Hope your project is done soon.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Enjoy your run tonight!

    1. My project will be done today, so that is good….I do wish that I commanded more respect, but although my job sounds fancy (or it would, if I ever was specific about it on my blog), I work with a bunch of doctors, and they outrank me. I am still working on earning that respect…hopefully I’ll get there soon!

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