I am feeling better – physically. I’m still upset about missing my run & having 9 miles to make up (I really want to hit 100 this month).

I ran 5 this morning (53:28) and will run 3 more tonight with the architect.

I’ve made up 100 of the 400 missed crunches (I’m going to add 100 every day for 4 days until I’m caught up).

I did 26 push-ups last night.

But work – is kicking my ass. I have a deadline of yesterday. I have not yet received everything I need for this deadline. I am stressed out. Seriously. I hate not getting things in on time.

I’m beginning to wonder when I will either a) figure out how to not let stuff like this get to me or b) figure out how to make people give me stuff ON TIME dammit.


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