You’re Safe – Maybe

I probably won’t eat your arm today.

However, I may just skip right to the homicide today.

This is the last week of my incredibly stressful time. I have three projects due tomorrow. Since the projects are dependent on other people getting their shit to me on time, I spent a lot of yesterday twiddling my thumbs and eating peanut butter directly out of the jar.

Also complaining about my sore thighs. Apparently, when I was a good girl & did my PT exercises Tuesday night, I got carried away & forgot that I hadn’t been doing my PT exercises regularly. So the numbers of squats & lunges I did? Maybe too many.

This morning I woke up to go to the gym for my run & realized that there was no way I could actually RUN today. Poor quads, hammies & glutes!

So I slept in a bit. I knew today was likely to be a long day, so I decided to drive & pay for parking. I left home at about 8 AM. Got in my car. Put the key in the ignition. Turned the key. Nothing happened. Apparently all my car had left was to unlock. I couldn’t even relock the car (had to do it manually).

So the architect agreed to drive me to work (too late at this point for bussing).

The road we tried to drive on (because it’s the road we ALWAYS drive on) was closed due to road construction.

I did get to work – eventually.

The project that I need to work on was supposed to be waiting for me in my inbox by 8 AM this morning (an extension from the 5 PM deadline last night). It was there. As was the person who sent it to me explaining that it just needed 10 more minutes of changes. It is now 9 AM. I say, “fine.” At 9:25, it still wasn’t there – I was going to a meeting.

When I returned, there it was.

And now? I am still angry. But mostly because when trying to have a rational discussion about respecting my deadlines, it turned into “if I didn’t respect your deadlines, it would’ve been 4 hours late, instead of almost 2″ which really kinda misses the point.”

Anyways – it is here. I can finish it. But today is going to suck.

the end.

I apparently made someone cry today by insisting that

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