I think my weight-loss plans may have hit a snag
I think my weight-loss plans may have hit a snag

I think my weight-loss plans may have hit a snag

People, I am SO HUNGRY! I woke up hungry! I went to sleep hungry! Right now? HUNGRY! (Although granted, right now it is 11:30, so getting close to lunch time.)

So hungry that I’m getting hunger headaches! And hunger nausea! HUNGRY HUNGRY HUNGRY! If you’re not careful, I might eat you!

(Obviously the hunger is making me a bit crazy.)

I’m fairly certain this is, at least in part, due to my mileage & other activity going up a bit. But seriously – am I not eating enough? Should I go have a stick of butter? (Disclosure? The only fat in my diet comes from peanut butter & cheese.)

I am trying to fill up on high-fiber foods.

I am trying to get plenty of proteins & fruits & veggies.

I am trying to not gain weight. (I am actually trying to lose weight.)

ARGGH!!!  Help? Advice? Commiseration?

In good news, I ran some hills last night. My garmin didn’t enjoy the tree canopy as much as I did, and kept getting ‘weak GPS signals’, so I’m not sure my actual distance. It claims 3 miles. I ran 45 minutes (half of which [the leafy parts] were mostly downhill). I think I may have been a bit closer to 4 miles. Map My Run was useless, as you can’t SEE the trails, and my tiny trail map has no scale on it.

This morning, I swam 2,000 more yards.

Set 1: 500 freestyle
60 second breather
Set 2: 250 kick
45 second breather
Set 3: 500 freestyle
60 second breather
Set 4: 250 kick
45 second breather
Set 5: 500 freestyle

Overall – about 1 hour. Which is longer than last time, I think, even though I took WAY fewer breaks this time. Apparently fewer breaks = slower swimming?

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to find some food before I kill someone.


  1. yea you have to eat enough to support the longer miles! it should be whole carbs like fruits grains and veggies. protein is best after a workout. but i found that chocolate chip cookies have plenty of carbs too, and they work great the night before a long run and as a recovery food. yes, i still lost weight after adding chocolate chip cookies back into the regular diet. this made me very happy.

  2. Sometimes you (I) just go through phases where you need to eat more. So do. Don’t snarf down a bag of oreos, but have a bigger snack (or have a snack if you don’t normally). I definately have “hungry” weeks. They suck.

  3. Jen

    “Fewer breaks = slower swimming” I’d buy that. You were keeping your pace slower so you didn’t need as many breaks, but you were swimming consistantly which is good for your endurance. Nice work!

    I’m always freaking hungry, it’s the story of my life. I have a few other physical cues thtat I try to follow to see if I’m truly undernourished, like I tend to clench my jaw, I get a headache, I can’t sleep (and I’m talking like *just* barely less than a regular day of food). If I really ate when I felt hungry I would always be eating. Which I kind of am. Oh, and I agree with Sassy that I have hungry weeks, usually the week before my period.

  4. I agree with Jen, I feel hungry all the freakin’ time and definitely have peak weeks. I always try to chug water (the old saying that when you think you’re hungry sometimes its that you’re really thirsty is true) and if I’m still hungry 20 min later, then I’ll eat something.

    But you may not want advice from me, b/c if you got see my blog right now, you’ll see I’ve been scarffing left over Chinese and Cadbury creme eggs all week. 🙁

    And I need to lose weight too!!!!

  5. Hey GR,
    Just wanted to let you know my xray didn’t come back with very good news. The TOE is not healing. So i need to do another xray in 10 days and if it doesn’t show improvement than i need to see an orthopedic doctor. This is all my fault because i didn’t wear the foot boot i was given to keep the foot immobile.

    MY BAD!!! And now i pay the price. No running YET!!!!!

    I think i gained weight!!!

  6. I totally understand where you’re coming from. When I was training for my marathon I never stopped being hungry. Hell, I’m hungry all the time now and I’m only training for a half. Listen to everyone else, they’ve given some great advice. Good luck!

  7. I’m on a quest to be down 40 pounds by my half iron race (only 32 lbs to go) and I’m following
    the Zone diet.
    It’s the only plan that I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tried lots and lots of them!) where I can nourish myself and support endurance training while still losing weight. When I have those extra hungry days – I go ahead and trust my body. I eat more but make sure it stays balanced within Zone parameters. So far it’s working! (Oh – almonds. Do you eat almonds? I don’t know what it is about them but eating a few almonds with a glass of (ice cold!) skim milk makes my pasta/chips/french fry craving disappear. Thanks heavens. I can skip dessert just by imagining how much easier the race will be with a lighter me – but that does not work when what I want/need is starchy/salty. The almonds do the trick.) GOOD LUCK!

  8. F*ck me with a fork — I am starving too! Seriously. I eat allllll day long. Veggies, protein, carbs… The gamut. Here’s the kicker — my exercise consists of walking. Must tame this beast!

    P.S. eating a shit-load of veggies at lunch will result in an actual shit-load a few hours later… Note to self: never eat that much broccoli again!

  9. i am ALWAYS hungry too. i eat something around every 2 hours to help, sometimes it doesnt. i just try to make sure i am snacking on the right foods and getting enough of everything, especially right now with these high mileage weeks. its hard though! sometimes i cant sleep because i am just thinking about how hungry i am 🙂 so i usually get up and eat something hehe.

  10. Alisa

    Blah…I gained weight this week! And I was careful about food, journaling and everything. I tried to eat more veggies and drink more water. I burned a shit-ton of calories with exercise…I don’t get it. Surprisingly, I haven’t even been THAT hungry! Not like last week.

    Sorry no advice here, other than, I tend to eat like Aron, something small every few hours vs/ big meals. Clearly it’s not working for me so I don’t know if I can call it good advice!

    I think I might try weighing myself more than once a week…see how that goes.


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