I think my weight-loss plans may have hit a snag

People, I am SO HUNGRY! I woke up hungry! I went to sleep hungry! Right now? HUNGRY! (Although granted, right now it is 11:30, so getting close to lunch time.)

So hungry that I’m getting hunger headaches! And hunger nausea! HUNGRY HUNGRY HUNGRY! If you’re not careful, I might eat you!

(Obviously the hunger is making me a bit crazy.)

I’m fairly certain this is, at least in part, due to my mileage & other activity going up a bit. But seriously – am I not eating enough? Should I go have a stick of butter? (Disclosure? The only fat in my diet comes from peanut butter & cheese.)

I am trying to fill up on high-fiber foods.

I am trying to get plenty of proteins & fruits & veggies.

I am trying to not gain weight. (I am actually trying to lose weight.)

ARGGH!!!  Help? Advice? Commiseration?

In good news, I ran some hills last night. My garmin didn’t enjoy the tree canopy as much as I did, and kept getting ‘weak GPS signals’, so I’m not sure my actual distance. It claims 3 miles. I ran 45 minutes (half of which [the leafy parts] were mostly downhill). I think I may have been a bit closer to 4 miles. Map My Run was useless, as you can’t SEE the trails, and my tiny trail map has no scale on it.

This morning, I swam 2,000 more yards.

Set 1: 500 freestyle
60 second breather
Set 2: 250 kick
45 second breather
Set 3: 500 freestyle
60 second breather
Set 4: 250 kick
45 second breather
Set 5: 500 freestyle

Overall – about 1 hour. Which is longer than last time, I think, even though I took WAY fewer breaks this time. Apparently fewer breaks = slower swimming?

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to find some food before I kill someone.

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