Almost there!

After my strange post yesterday (who did I make cry? how? and other questions!), I am here to report that I will probably survive this week.

I did not have a martini last night. I did have a cheese sandwich & a beer, but considering how often stress can lead to weird eating patterns for me, I think I did pretty well.

Today is not as bad as yesterday. I am not fired for making people cry or anything. Not yet, anyways.

My only real issue today is that my new deodorant is not really performing its anti-perspirant function, and the deodorizing function seems to operate mainly by smelling like I bathed in baby powder. It’s a good thing it was only $0.99 (on sale AND a coupon – too bad I hate it).

I have not worked out since Wednesday – I’ve been so sore from my Tuesday night PT exercises. But – I still reached my 5 workouts/week goal, so I’m okay with that.

Tomorrow I will maybe yoga – my car’s battery is not so much dead as ‘something very bad that I didn’t quite understand when the architect told me except that he didn’t think that I would need a whole new battery but maybe I would & we’d have to take it to the weird shop down the street that only takes cash’ so I don’t know if I’ll be driving anywhere tomorrow.

Today some friends of ours are moving (in together), and the architect is helping them move. I am meeting them afterwork to help them drink (I am such a giver).

I am so glad that there are 6ish hours left in the last week of this crazy time. I only have 4ish big projects in March & April, so I’ll have to catch up on other work & prepare for the next big push that is May/June.

Did I mention that next week I am vacationing? Also, it is my birthday.

Did I mention that this makes me happy?

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