Almost there!
Almost there!

Almost there!

After my strange post yesterday (who did I make cry? how? and other questions!), I am here to report that I will probably survive this week.

I did not have a martini last night. I did have a cheese sandwich & a beer, but considering how often stress can lead to weird eating patterns for me, I think I did pretty well.

Today is not as bad as yesterday. I am not fired for making people cry or anything. Not yet, anyways.

My only real issue today is that my new deodorant is not really performing its anti-perspirant function, and the deodorizing function seems to operate mainly by smelling like I bathed in baby powder. It’s a good thing it was only $0.99 (on sale AND a coupon – too bad I hate it).

I have not worked out since Wednesday – I’ve been so sore from my Tuesday night PT exercises. But – I still reached my 5 workouts/week goal, so I’m okay with that.

Tomorrow I will maybe yoga – my car’s battery is not so much dead as ‘something very bad that I didn’t quite understand when the architect told me except that he didn’t think that I would need a whole new battery but maybe I would & we’d have to take it to the weird shop down the street that only takes cash’ so I don’t know if I’ll be driving anywhere tomorrow.

Today some friends of ours are moving (in together), and the architect is helping them move. I am meeting them afterwork to help them drink (I am such a giver).

I am so glad that there are 6ish hours left in the last week of this crazy time. I only have 4ish big projects in March & April, so I’ll have to catch up on other work & prepare for the next big push that is May/June.

Did I mention that next week I am vacationing? Also, it is my birthday.

Did I mention that this makes me happy?


  1. Hello fellow Pisces! Wahoooo to the end of your very stressful week. It sounds AWFUL to have to rely on other people to finish things! ARGH!

    And I just have to say that I absolutely positively HATE any deoderant scents marketed toward women. I do not want my armpits to reek of baby butts or artificial flowers, thank you. Before I switched to hippie stick I began using mens anti-perspirants. They smell sooooo much better – you can get woodsy, musky, or ‘ocean fresh’ type scents. Far more tolerable. The powder-y stuff is definitely gag inducing, in my opinion.

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