Workout Update

Another busy week is 3/5 over. I am not overjoyed about the 5-day work week, but am overjoyed to, you know, have a job and all. So yay!

I am tired & ready for my (2-day) weekend, but guess I have to get through today & tomorrow before that happens.

Things have been stressful in the gazelle/architect household, as well as at work, but I’m trying to remember that exercise is not optional, and a workout will proabbly make me feel better (in the long run, at least) than a bottle glass of wine. January has never been my favorite month – even though I know that the days are getting longer, it’s hard to see the evidence. I know a month from now, I’ll feel great! The time will be changing, it will be light after work again, I’ll be wicked old having a birthday! Things have just seemed so….grim….lately.

But – I have been working out.

Saturday, I hit Bikram for the first time in MONTHS with the Ambitious One.  It was good, and I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t die afterwards. I was a bit sore the next day, but not so bad. I already blogged about my fast run last Sunday with Junk Miles – I was a little sore after that, too – but again, in a good way.  Monday I took the day off, as per my agreement with myself to deal with my new Monday work schedule by working but NOT working out. Tuesday I ran 3 miles in 32:43 (I did a mini-tempo: Mile 1 at 11:06, Mile 2 at 10:31, Mile 3 at 11:06.  Also did some abs. Wednesday was my epic 750 yd swim. It was HARD! I’m still not sure I actually like swimming, but I will concede that it is a good workout, and a nice no-impact workout for my knees, which are still sore from time to time. This morning I was on the bike for 30 minuts, then did upper body weights & some abs.  Tomorrow, I will run. Saturday I’m meeting the Amibitious One & If You Can’t Beat Them for Bikram, and then Junk Miles & I will run again on Sunday.

Weekend challenges will be going out on either Friday or Saturday (I’m unclear as to what’s happening) and then a Super Bowl party on Sunday (I’m pretty pleased that I even know who’s in the Super Bowl this year).

I had to set computer reminders to tell me when to snack – but that’s working, so at least I’m eating on a regular schedule. I ran out of breakfast food at home due to an unfortunate maggot incident, so I had to buy a bagel this morning & will need to figure out something for tomorrow that doesn’t involve buying anything at a coffee shop.

I’m kinda all over the place lately. And just want to apologize for not commenting on blogs. I’m totally reading them! Kind of! But am so busy that I just don’t have time for more than a quick skim. But I still think you’re awesome.

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