Workout Update
Workout Update

Workout Update

Another busy week is 3/5 over. I am not overjoyed about the 5-day work week, but am overjoyed to, you know, have a job and all. So yay!

I am tired & ready for my (2-day) weekend, but guess I have to get through today & tomorrow before that happens.

Things have been stressful in the gazelle/architect household, as well as at work, but I’m trying to remember that exercise is not optional, and a workout will proabbly make me feel better (in the long run, at least) than a bottle glass of wine. January has never been my favorite month – even though I know that the days are getting longer, it’s hard to see the evidence. I know a month from now, I’ll feel great! The time will be changing, it will be light after work again, I’ll be wicked old having a birthday! Things have just seemed so….grim….lately.

But – I have been working out.

Saturday, I hit Bikram for the first time in MONTHS with the Ambitious One.  It was good, and I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t die afterwards. I was a bit sore the next day, but not so bad. I already blogged about my fast run last Sunday with Junk Miles – I was a little sore after that, too – but again, in a good way.  Monday I took the day off, as per my agreement with myself to deal with my new Monday work schedule by working but NOT working out. Tuesday I ran 3 miles in 32:43 (I did a mini-tempo: Mile 1 at 11:06, Mile 2 at 10:31, Mile 3 at 11:06.  Also did some abs. Wednesday was my epic 750 yd swim. It was HARD! I’m still not sure I actually like swimming, but I will concede that it is a good workout, and a nice no-impact workout for my knees, which are still sore from time to time. This morning I was on the bike for 30 minuts, then did upper body weights & some abs.  Tomorrow, I will run. Saturday I’m meeting the Amibitious One & If You Can’t Beat Them for Bikram, and then Junk Miles & I will run again on Sunday.

Weekend challenges will be going out on either Friday or Saturday (I’m unclear as to what’s happening) and then a Super Bowl party on Sunday (I’m pretty pleased that I even know who’s in the Super Bowl this year).

I had to set computer reminders to tell me when to snack – but that’s working, so at least I’m eating on a regular schedule. I ran out of breakfast food at home due to an unfortunate maggot incident, so I had to buy a bagel this morning & will need to figure out something for tomorrow that doesn’t involve buying anything at a coffee shop.

I’m kinda all over the place lately. And just want to apologize for not commenting on blogs. I’m totally reading them! Kind of! But am so busy that I just don’t have time for more than a quick skim. But I still think you’re awesome.


  1. I feel special! 🙂
    You may not be commenting much, but at leats you’re still blogging. My posting has been sporadic as of late, well, except for since the new job business…

    1. I’m doing my best to keep my site traffic up! And since i just have MORE work, but not DIFFERENT work, it’s easier. A new job & a new fiance would be very head-spinningly exciting, and would definitely make me blog less, too!

  2. Alisa

    Maggots yuck!!!!!! I will never look at grits the same…not that I see them often…or ever..I’m not even entirely sure I know what they are!

    Yay for our swimming!!!!!!!!!!!! Did I tell you I signed up for the 100 miles in 2009 challenge on Buckeye? Eeek…basically I have to average a little over 2 miles of swimming every week from now until Dec 31st.

    No worries on the lack of comments…it happens to us all. =)

    1. 100 miles in a year is crazy! You are the (wo)man! I am not convinced that I am going to get into the this swimming thing, and after Bikram runs out, I may have to swim on Saturdays instead – or whenever I can find the pool to be less busy. I was so intimidated by those people waiting & watching!

    1. I am not going to swim at 5:30 AM any days. I am a dedicated gym goer, but I refuse to get up at 4:30 – I am not CRAZY. 🙂 I’m also not positive that I want to be in triathlon shape. Then I might have to sign up for some tris or something.

  3. Alisa

    You were fine, great even, in the pool. Doing waaaay more than whatever that crazy lady next to us was doing…she was doing the deadman float most of the time. I say we stick with it on Wednesday’s, it will only get better for both of us.

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