I Just Couldn’t Do It
I Just Couldn’t Do It

I Just Couldn’t Do It

I almost went the whole day without posting, but it turns out that I have a sickness and couldn’t do it.

I had a crap morning – everything was just too slow. Finally, I got on the elliptical at about 12:30, and that helped out my mood and everything.

The architect & I went out for lunch – and I had a cheeseburger. It was the first burger I’ve had in almost eight years. It was really good.  I may have to rethink my ‘no beef’ stance.

Tonight we’re watching movies & hanging out. We watched “Unbreakable” and are currently watching “Run, Fat Boy Run.”

I prefer days that get better as they go on, just wish it had started out as well as it ended.


  1. michelle

    I loved Run Fatboy Run!! Something about Simon Pegg makes me giggle!!!

    Plus any movie about running, no matter how silly, i tend to love!!

    Sorry about the bad start to your day, but glad it ended all good like!!!

  2. i had one of those days yesterday, too. i slept in way too late, which gave me a headache and just generally made me feel like crap, then i spent most of the afternoon playing games on the computer and wallowing in holiday anxiety.

    but then it was date night with the bf – we went to a fabulous buffet place and then saw “Australia” – and the day ended with warm fuzzies all around 🙂

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