Weekend Day 3 of 5

I am loving this five-day weekend! I wish every weekend was this long.

It’s been a great few days. After the Turkey Trot on Thursday (and the mimosas) I made a butternut squash gratin casserole & some chocolate/pumpkin brownies for dinner.

The architect & I headed over to my cousin’s to help her finish up her cooking & help her drink before the first guests arrived. It’s awesome living that close to her – it’s just a quick jog home for cinnamon sticks & whole cloves!

We had a pretty good time, but ended up leaving earlier than we’d planned.

Friday we slept in a bit, and then went to brunch with my cousin & her boyfriend. Then, I lazed some more & worked on our budget some more. Since we’d left my cousin’s before pie time, we headed back over to her house to pick up our stuff (table, chairs, crockpot, etc.) and get some pie!

Today was another lazy morning, followed by a beautiful 4.5 mile hike in the fog & mist past several waterfalls. We started at Multnomah Falls & ended at Wahkeena Falls.

Tonight, I made & canned 7 more pints of pumpkin butter, made some vanilla-rum extract (or at least started the process) and had some nog. YUM!

It’s been a great day….and still two more days of weekend fun! Tomorrow I’m planning on a run & then a number of household projects (button sewing, hemming, ironing – you know, the exciting stuff!).

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