Now that THAT’S over….

It’s [insert the December holiday of your choice] time! And, if you picked Christmas, but have not yet purchased some Christmas cards, I am here to help!

There is a wonderful assortment of cards available at The Onion (as well as some gift boxes, if you have that kind of expendable income).

AND – if you leave a comment on this post between now & December 4 at 11:59 PM (Pacific time), you will be entered to win a fabulous winter holiday gift basket. It is fabulous because I say so, obviously. It is a sampling of the fantastic nearly free, but still classy gifts that I will be gifting those who usually get gifts. You can keep the wonderfulness for yourself, or you can specify a recipient (thus cutting down on your gift budget this year).

Items may include: bath salts, pumpkin butter, cookie collections, maybe something more manly than bath salts, and definitely something chocolate.  And probably a surprise (as I’m still working out the details).

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