Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Just an abbreviated post today…

I am thankful for the ability to run 4 hilly miles in the cold on Thanksgiving morning – and although I did not beat my goal time of 45 minutes – I was in at 45:30 according to my Garmin & 46:46 according to the finish line clock – I did it with no pain.

I am thankful that I don’t have to spend alcohol-free family gatherings, and instead get to hang out with friends & my locally-based cousin.

I am thankful for the internet!

I am thankful for champagne (mmmm…mimosas).

I am thankful for the wonderful blogging/running community in Portland. I got to meet yet another running blogger, and got to hang with Junk Miles, too (who did the run before flying away).

I am thankful for the architect, who went to the market this morning to get me champagne for my mimosas & surprised me with the gift of pastries, too! (Also, he chopped & sauteed the onions for my butternut squash gratin.)

I hope you all have a wonderful day!Ā  Cheers.


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  2. Ross

    Hiya had a look at your diet. Faaaaaaar too many grains. You’ll end up being allergic to those foods if you keep consuming them like that. variety is the spice of life (excluding grains of course).

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  4. Yeah for no pain! I worried about you as I was running up the first big hill. And double yeah for alcohol – Southwest was giving away free adult beverages on my flight. They knew I was headed home apparently!

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