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Last Day

Last Day

It’s the end of the month. AND, I posted every day this month! Yay me! (Although, technically, there are more than 30 posts in 30 days – I always was an over-achiever!)

I just got back from a craptastic run – you know those kind. You start out, things seem to be going well, and then it all goes to shit.

I ended up doing a 2 mile loop today – and to be honest, only ran just over a mile of that loop.

My right arch started to ache, and then my ankle started to hurt, and then the knee…at one point, I contemplated calling the architect to come fetch me. I did run up the big hill – which was actually the least painful part of the run, but then walked the rest of the way home.

I know that to avoid further injury, it’s really important to stop when things hurt – and I’m not sure that I could’ve run through that pain (I think the hike yesterday took a lot more out of me than I thought), but it sucks the big one to only get 1/3 of the planned mileage in – especially when my long runs are still so piddly (I miss my 8-10 long mile weekends).

I have not yet been able to break past the 5 mile mark, and today was supposed to be the day. I am going to try again tomorrow morning (I have PT & yoga in the afternoon), and have a 5-mile tempo planned on Tuesday, so it’s not like this is the end of the world – just instead of feeling great, I feel cranky.


Anyways – I have a lot to get done today: laundry, ironing, potting, dishes, dinner…..

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  1. Congrats on the 30 days consecutive posting!!! That is some accomplishment!!!

    As for the running, just go with it!! Do what you can and it will all fall into place! I think i told you i ran a turkey trot 5 miler. It was pretty fun!!! I think it will be my new tradition!!

    Have a great night!!!

    1. Since I am still in Physical Therapy, I feel that running through the pain would be hard to explain come Monday (since that’s what landed me there in the first place)….I learn slowly, but I learn!

  2. Alisa

    I hear you on listening to the body! I miss my 10+ mile long runs. I was lucky to do 9 last week. Despite not having a good run…at least you got out there!

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