Nearly Dead
Nearly Dead

Nearly Dead

So – I am beginning to think that perhaps my extreme inability to move on Friday was only partially due to the Thursday weights class & may also have been partially due to the fact that I am sick.

By Friday evening, I was a wreck. The architect & I were meeting friends out, and honestly, if it had been just about anyone else, I would’ve cancelled. BUT, these were people who I haven’t seen since August, and I am inordinately fond of them (well, I don’t know her QUITE as well as I know him, but I do really like her). So, we went out & had beers. At one point, as I’d started my first beer, but before there was food, I thought I might pass out. I ate a little, and started to feel a bit better, but I just thought that the muscle soreness was just messing with me (seriously – I have never been that sore before, not even when I went on my first hike with the architect 6 years & 60 lbs ago, and that was bad).

After I had to reject the idea of me playing pool, we went to our friend’s place where he made me many vodka drinks & I got to sit in the chair in front of the heating vent. A good time was had by all.

The next morning I woke up still very very sore. And headachey. And confused – I hadn’t had THAT much vodka. We took two of the cats to the vet and spent more money on them than they probably deserve (Darwin has to be sedated for exams & rabies shots).

The architect & I went to Home Depot as we do most weekends, and then went out to lunch. I felt a little queasy, but was still blaming it on the vodka. Then, after lunch, the vomiting started. (Sorry other people in the bathroom at the restaurant!)

I insisted that we could still go to Target, since we were right there, but that probably marks the fastest (and cheapest) trip to Target ever (although I did get a 2nd crockpot).

The rest of the afternoon was spent on the sofa watching Buffy & playing RPGs. And occasionally deciding that I felt well enough to try to eat (I was ravenous) and then hanging out in the bathroom.

It has now been 14 hours since I’ve last thrown up. I ate some bread & jam for breakfast, and it’s staying down, although it’s not happy about it. I think the worst feeling in the world is nausea, and I have now been nauseous for well over 24 hours.

With fever & chills, that makes life a barrel of laughs.

Do you know what we don’t have? Soup. Saltines. Ginger Ale. I would really like some soup & saltines & ginger ale. I am really hungry. The last thing I ate that stayed put (before my bread this morning) was a doughnut, and that’s just not very nutritionally sound.

My one consolation is that I don’t believe I’m quite as much of a wuss as I was thinking. I don’t think that it was the weight lifting that made me feel so sore (although I’m sure it didn’t help), but rather the onset of the plague.

I would like to apologize to the Ambitious One & Junk Miles for ditching them last night, and for skipping the run this morning. And to anyone I may have come into contact with & infected in the last couple of days. And again, anyone who was in the bathroom at BJs yesterday at about 1 PM.

Provided I survive this sick (gotta love losing an entire weekend to illness), I will be running again Tuesday – 5:30ish, Lincoln High track. We have speedwork planned, but depending on how I’m doing, I may just run laps.

And, if you’re in the neighborhood & you have some nice, non-spicy soup, feel free to stop by. I promise not to puke on you.


  1. Aww, i am sorry chica!!! Being sick and especially being nauseous is not very fun!! Perhaps, the flu?? Do you get the flu shot??

    Drink OJ, tons of tea with honey and dry toast to settle your tummy!!! If i was near you i would make you my homemade chicken soup!!! That is one thing i make pretty good!! Jewish penicillin!!

    So take care and if your not feeling well on tuesday forgo the run!! Not important if your feeling crappy!!!

    Be well my friend!!!

  2. Hey, chic! Hope you’re feeling better. It’s been a while since I checked in and here you are a sick puppy! I hope you feel better so you can get back to those crazy weights! šŸ˜‰

  3. Send The Architect out for soup, crackers, and ginger ale ASAP! And I agree – nausea is about the worst kind of sick. You poor thing!!

    Stay in bed and take care of yourself, doctor’s orders!

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