Moving is HIGHLY overrated, don’t you think?

So, I’m not sure what happened in my weights class yesterday. I didn’t get all ambitious and grab the 15 lb dumbbells. I was pretty sure today was going to be bad when I was already having trouble moving last night.

And today? Is bad. We have passed the “good pain” place and have gone straight into “do I really need to put deodorant on? I don’t think my arms will go up high enough.”

I could put my hair up this morning, and it was all I could do to actually brush it. I never wear my hair down (and then, of course, I spilled tzatziki sauce in my hair – so that was hot).

It’s not just my upper body, either. My thighs hurt. Bad. 

I did not run this morning. Maybe it was the 48 pushups. Or the flies. Or the sqauts & hammer curls. Or the fact that I am apparently much wussier than I thought. 

I kind of want to go home, sit on my sofa, and have people bring me martinis. And ibuprofen. And maybe a heating pad.

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