Moving is HIGHLY overrated, don’t you think?
Moving is HIGHLY overrated, don’t you think?

Moving is HIGHLY overrated, don’t you think?

So, I’m not sure what happened in my weights class yesterday. I didn’t get all ambitious and grab the 15 lb dumbbells. I was pretty sure today was going to be bad when I was already having trouble moving last night.

And today? Is bad. We have passed the “good pain” place and have gone straight into “do I really need to put deodorant on? I don’t think my arms will go up high enough.”

I could put my hair up this morning, and it was all I could do to actually brush it. I never wear my hair down (and then, of course, I spilled tzatziki sauce in my hair – so that was hot).

It’s not just my upper body, either. My thighs hurt. Bad. 

I did not run this morning. Maybe it was the 48 pushups. Or the flies. Or the sqauts & hammer curls. Or the fact that I am apparently much wussier than I thought. 

I kind of want to go home, sit on my sofa, and have people bring me martinis. And ibuprofen. And maybe a heating pad.


  1. I love being sore like that! But don’t forget that if you are training for a distance event (like running) your weight training should be low weight, high rep so that you can MOVE and get out there for your endurance training!

    1. I honestly thought that I was doing a moderate to low weight, and there was definitely a high number of reps – I just don’t know what happened. It’s a damn good thing I don’t have any races this weekend 🙂

      At this point in the soreness, I can’t even contemplate a massage without wanting to cry at the thought of anyone touching me.

  2. Oh my goodness girlie, i am sorry you are in such pain!! But, think of it this way:
    Its a good pain. Is there such a thing as good pain? Sure there is, and you have it!!

    Tomorrow will be a better day. You may even be able to apply deo!!!

    Have a great weekend!!!

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