Damn! It feels good to be an early bird
Damn! It feels good to be an early bird

Damn! It feels good to be an early bird

So, this morning, for the first time in a LONG time, I drug myself out of bed for the 6AM Crazy Weights™. I won’t lie, people, not only is it hard to get up & out of the house by 5:25, that class kicked my ass this morning.

And, apparently before I’ve had my morning caffeine, I feel a little bit….judgy.

Judgy of the girls behind me who, when told to grab their heavy handweights, giggled and got their 4-pound weights.

Judgy of the girl in front of me whose butt crack was showing the ENTIRE class. I’m not a prude, and I am a cracky gazelle, but I am a believer in keeping your crack to yourself. 

Mostly, I was judgy of the giggle twins who had a big discussion about how they shouldn’t be lifting more than 5 lbs, because they didn’t want to ‘bulk up.’ Seriously. I kinda wanted to give them a lecture, but it seemed inappropriate. And early. And also, the instructor (who only VERY occasionally uses 5-lb weights when she’s taught 3 classes in a row) is not bulky; she is incredibly toned (think MizFit arms, people), and is probably the best testament to how using heavier weights just makes you hot.

It’s not like I had anything heavier than 10 going on – and by the end of the workout, I was mostly using the 7.5’s, but I think the whole point of getting up at 6 AM is to actually strength train. But it’s possible I’m just crabby that early & should not let other people’s misconceptions & lack of motivation affect me in any way.

So – GONE!  No more judginess. Those girls were silly, but it in no way impacts me. (See how easy that was Prop H8 Supporters!)

I feel so good now, except for the part where I’m not certain if I’ll be able to lift my arms above my head tomorrow. It’s hard to get out of bed for this, but I think I just need to remind myself how awesome I feel all day Thursday when I do. Maybe I need a motivational poster above my bed or something…..hmmm….


Or maybe this is a little more motivational. Although probably a lot less likely. BUT, if Johnny Depp is going to show up, I don’t want him to see arm flab, right?  Anyone with me here?


  1. GAWD I hate when people say stupid shit about weights when they don’t know what they are talking about.
    But, I too, will let it go. ha ha

    And you KNOW girl… I’ll be having a few drinky poos this weekend. I already booked up my Fri and Sat night with friends – dancing, seeing LMFAO and a new swanky lounge where we are dressing up in 70s outfits for a friends bday.

    1. We are such broad-minded broads…. heh.

      I would be disappointed if you WEREN’T having a few drinks this weekend – just as long as you’re not doing it alone – that’s just no good. Most of the time. 🙂 Sounds like a fun time – I hope you post pics of your 70s getup.

  2. j.

    Oh my gosh, I can’t help being judging the “giggling girls” too. I try not to (okay, I don’t try very hard), but it is hopeless. Congrats on not snapping pre-caffeine. I have to admire that.

    Johnny, of Johnny. He is definitely a great motivator. (and I truly don’t mean that to be as creepy as it sounds).

  3. Oh yeah crazy weights rock!! AND you rock crazy weights!! Freakin 6AM crazy weights!!! YO!!! Home girl no way would i be there. And the girlie with the crack nah!! Not cool!! Somebody must have a talk with her!!

    Way to go! I am so happy you did it. Will you go next thursday?? Just make sure you get the wednesday porn in OK????

    1. No worries about the Wednesday porn – I take care of that research on my Mondays off.

      I may not go next Thursday – my workout partner & I are talking about devising our own strength training schedule that doesn’t involve getting up at 5 AM. 🙂

  4. Seriously – I was McJudgy myself – last night. Judging the drunk cougars sitting in front of us at the concert for their terrible dancing and lack of awareness of anyone sitting behind them. Judging the drunk trampy sorority sisters behind us, who seemed to think we paid $80 to hear them sing. Sometimes people suck. Not us – other people! Good job getting up though!!

  5. Alisa

    I’m the queen of judgy…in fact, one of my good friends told me once (in a complimentary way, not sure how to take that) that I was her most judgemental friend.

    The gym is NOT the place to socialize people!

  6. haha, most gym rats should keep their crack to themselves. I also constantly struggle to not judge. The bible belt was formed on having people that were less pious than the people making judgements. So everyone judges everyone else on every other possible topic here. and nobody ever agrees with anybody else. ever felt like you were surrounded by dumbasses?

    1. I often feel like I’m surrounded by dumbasses. 🙂

      The architect is from Atlanta, and his mom’s family if from Alabama, so although I don’t visit often, I do get to hear his stories about growing up in that area of the country.

      In South Dakota, we have our own special brand of judgment.

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