So, I just won my first ever blogging award.  I am so stunned by this win, that I’ve had to go back & look at least three times to make sure it was really me, and not some other gazelle.

So – I have this!

Jeep Girl, who is awesome AND who inspired me to start doing monthly goals (stay tuned for October’s goals) gave me this award, and I couldn’t be more excited.

And, because I want to pass on the good happiness, I would like to send this out to a few of the bloggers that make my day when they post (other than the standard award winners).

I must admit to getting more than a little excited when my google reader comes up with a new post from the crazies at Republic of Dogs, my first Portland blogger meet-up chica HTC, and of course, my favorite Hollywood Glamour Boy Brad. I would also like to mention the most inspirational strangers MizFit & Cranky Fitness.

Of course, there are many more fantabulous bloggers that I love – including the rest of my Portland chicas, my fellow muffin fighters & marathoners, the political bloggers and the fitness bloggers and the shoe bloggers and the bloggers who defy all definition (you know who you are).

I think that I might need to make a new resolution to pimp my favorite bloggers once a month. You guys deserve all my wine-soaked love.

There are so many more bloggers I could mention, but these five are pretty exceptional.

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