Five (5) October Goals

I really liked my five September goals & decided that rather than making a bunch of resolutions, I would do some smaller goals each month. It’s easy, it’s measurable, and it helps me break it down from something overwhelming (lose weight! become a better person! get rid of all annoying habits!) into something doable (get at least 30 minutes of cardio 6x/week! stop and think of one thing I’m grateful for at 3 PM every day! I have no annoying habits, so no examples there.)

So – to recap on my September goals:

  1. Track food for 30 days – done!
  2. Initiate passport renewal process – I have an appointment for the photo next week & will get it sent off then!
  3. Do 15 minutes of cardio a day, following physical therapist’s plan to the letter! – pretty good. I missed a few days of cardio, but mostly because the PT suggested I do so. I’ve been doing most of my stretching & other exercises. I have not run more than she wants me to (even when I want me to) and with the exception of not yet having a stupid foam roller thingie, I’m doing pretty well.
  4. Get garden prepped (almost there – the final touches will happen Saturday).
  5. Attend pirate festival (FAIL!  It rained, and we are wusses. We did not see the pirates, although I did drink rum & say “avast” a lot. And the architect wore his pirate shirt.)

Once again, I am doing my goals on the 2nd of the month. Last month it was because it just didn’t occur to me until the 2nd, but this month is deliberate. I didn’t want to interrupt your regularly scheduled Wednesday shoe porn. I am such a giver.

So – my October goals:

  1. Run 5K (woo! Run Like Hell on 10/19)
  2. Not puss out & go to bed super early in Vegas.
  3. Not stress/worry/freak about the state of clean of my house in advance of the in-laws visit.
  4. Come up with an affordable, yet meaningful 2nd anniversary present for the architect (suggestions welcome).
  5. Knit one complete project (instead of 3 half projects – half of a hat doesn’t do anyone any good).

What are your goals for the month?

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