Long weekend

When last I left you with real content, I had just returned (well, the night before) from an exciting blogger meet-up. Since then, many things have happened (well, probably not really).

Friday night, the architect & I went out to dinner. That dinner prompted me to add a 6th goal onto my October goal list.

6. Always, always, always bring the benedryl, the inhaler & the epi-pen with you everywhere. Seriously. Especially if there will be eating. You never know. (Hypothetically) making the architect run across the street in the pouring rain to the gas station to see if there is, in fact, benedryl at the 76 station works, but a better solution? Just having it on you.

So – the goal, without all the blathering is: always have allergy stuff within reach. Always.

Anyhoo – the rest of Friday was, fortunately, uneventful.

Saturday I got up bright and early – I had a meeting downtown at 9 AM. It was a good, informative meeting.

Then, the architect & I went to our home away from home – the big-box hardware store (we hit up Lowe’s instead of Home Depot this weekend) to buy stuff. After that, we ate at a scary-looking Mexican restaurant that actually ended up being pretty good (by Portland standards, anyways).

BUT – the most important news – we’re finally done with the driveway!  WOOT!


What do you think? Isn’t it artistic & beautiful? Now that that’s done, we’re moving on to the remaining few outdoors projects – the garden(s) – the big one is dug & ready to be framed & filled, and the squash box (or the pumpkin patch, if you’re the architect & feel that ‘squash box’ sounds pornographic) is all done. The grape arbor materials are ready, and that should hopefully be done next weekend.

Saturday afternoon I went to yoga – first time in a month. I am such a slacker! It was a good class. There weren’t many people there, and the instructor was good. He memorized everyone’s names & was very encouraging when we were doing well.  It was fun.

Sunday morning, The Ambitious One & Junk Miles came over & we watched the marathon. We saw POM run by, on her way to a 3:48 finish! It was drizzly & soggy, but fun.

The rest of Sunday was kind of a blur – although I did get out Sunday night to see my Vegas chicas at Casa del Matador for last minute Vegas plans. 

Yesterday was busy – physical therapy, new running shoes (same as the old shoes, just a little different color; and I picked up some body glide as per *aron*‘s advice), got my painful beauty on (or off, as the case may be – and btw, if you are looking for a similar service, I can’t recommend more highly – great experience), and did some cooking & cleaning.  I also got a run in. I went 3.5 miles total, with .5 miles of warm-up & cool-down walking. I didn’t run entire 3 miles in the middle, but my average pace for the middle 3 miles was 10:50/mile – so not too shabby!  

I also got the opportunity yesterday to cry on a pharmacist, who is the rockingest pharmacist in the land! Seriously, she should win pharmacist of the year! (I say that because she gave me my drugs, even though my (heinously bad) doctor had written the scrip wrong. Let’s all bow to the altar of Shari the Pharmacist.) 

Today – not hard work, but all that hard work I did last week was judged today. This morning was stressful! BUT – I passed! YAY for me!  I guess I’ll keep my job after all!

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