Happy Halloversary

Today is my 2nd wedding anniversary. Two years ago, the architect & I got hitched at Multnomah Falls – a bold move for the end of October in the Pacific Northwest. We were lucky (in oh, so many ways), and it didn’t start raining until about 10 PM that night.

In the last 2ish years, we’ve gone through a LOT of changes. We moved to Portland from Los Angeles. We got new jobs. We bought a house. I got another new job. We adopted a new baby (cat). We have done home improvement projects together without ever actually threatening to kill the other party. And we still kinda like each other.

I can’t imagine anyone else (with maybe the exception of Johnny Depp or something) that I would’ve rather done all those things with. We have our issues – I think most couples do – but every year (we’ve been together 6 years now) – we get better & better at resolving them.

Tonight, after handing out candy to the neighborhood ghosties, we’re going out for dinner. That’s about all we have planned for this year. But really – who needs more? I’ve already got the best husband AND the day off.

I love you Mr. Architect – and I’m definitely looking forward to spending many more Halloversaries together.


And – as a reminder – 4 days until the election:

23 responses to “Happy Halloversary

  1. Happy Anniversary!! Hope you guys have a nice evening!

  2. well, i was gonna hate you for having the day off while some of us are stuck in cubicles with gray walls and a gray view out the window today…but i just can’t do it 🙂

    happy anniversary!!

  3. Yay! Happy anniversary!

    • thanks! have fun trick-or-treating with mini tonight! When they’re so young like that, does that mean you get all his candy?

  4. Happy Halloversary! Sounds like a fun night you have planned. I’m hoping to dress sexy and get some. ha ha.

    • I started my anniversary day out right, if you know what I mean 😉

      I hope you also get some tonight with your sexy school girl outfit (I typed sexy school gril 3x before getting girl spelled right. A sexy gril would be an interesting costume – but perhaps very attractive for the men folk).

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  6. Happy Halloversary!!!

  7. WOOHOO!!! Happy Anniversary/Halloweensary!!! 2 years is a good amount of time!! Here is 2 many more 2 year anniversaries!!!

    Have a great dinner!!!

  8. Congratulations! 2 years! Yay!

  9. My ex and I got married on Halloween because we loved it so much. The reception was a masquerade ball; let’s just say that not everyone understood the difference between a masquerade ball and a costume party, despite the newsletter written to ensure the difference was known. Traffic accident victims and vampires amid the elegant animals and mythical creatures….in retrospect it was pretty darn funny!

    • We didn’t do costumes, or masquerades, but a masquerade would be a fun idea! It does sound like a humorous confusion though – thanks for sharing!

  10. Happy Anniversary! I hope you guys have a great night, and many more!

  11. That is sooo cute Halloversary…I love it! Hope it went well…remember I still need to tell you about the mwah box…it’s a great gift for the hubbies.

  12. Wow! Happy Anniversary. Multnomah Falls…what a beautiful spot. (Now I can think of the falls as a wedding spot.) to this point, I had remembered it as “the place I lost my cat”. Horrible night. I was a basket case. But not to worry. I called my neighbor and he came and rescued the cat. (long story as to why I couldn’t get the cat myself) Thanks for the nice read, and the new association for that otherwise lovely spot!