Happy Halloversary

Today is my 2nd wedding anniversary. Two years ago, the architect & I got hitched at Multnomah Falls – a bold move for the end of October in the Pacific Northwest. We were lucky (in oh, so many ways), and it didn’t start raining until about 10 PM that night.

In the last 2ish years, we’ve gone through a LOT of changes. We moved to Portland from Los Angeles. We got new jobs. We bought a house. I got another new job. We adopted a new baby (cat). We have done home improvement projects together without ever actually threatening to kill the other party. And we still kinda like each other.

I can’t imagine anyone else (with maybe the exception of Johnny Depp or something) that I would’ve rather done all those things with. We have our issues – I think most couples do – but every year (we’ve been together 6 years now) – we get better & better at resolving them.

Tonight, after handing out candy to the neighborhood ghosties, we’re going out for dinner. That’s about all we have planned for this year. But really – who needs more? I’ve already got the best husband AND the day off.

I love you Mr. Architect – and I’m definitely looking forward to spending many more Halloversaries together.


And – as a reminder – 4 days until the election:

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