So, this morning, I made my triumphant return to Crazy Weights™. There were streamers, a ticker tape parade and a marching band. It was pretty awesome. ALSO, the Portland bloggers are totally taking over the class. There were FOUR of us there this morning. And hopefully we’ll all be able to walk tomorrow.

I had forgotten a few things.


  1. How freaking dark it is at 5:20 AM most of the year. Last time I went was July 3, and it was not so much DARK then. I hate the dark.
  2. How poorly I sleep the night before my alarm goes off at 5 AM. I used to take Advil PM at about 9 the night before class so I’d fall asleep & stay there. Last night I woke up every hour or so – a situation that was not helped by the symphony of very large and very loud semi-trucks (I’m guessing) that were racing around the block at about 2 AM.
  3. How hard that class is. I took it easy on squats & lunges (the substitute teacher was nice enough to give me a couple of modifications for some exercises, and no one even threw spitballs at her!), and went down from the weights I was doing 2 months ago, but DAMN! I am so much weaker. Obviously proof that I need to get my ass to class (hee! A rhyme!) at least once a week. I’m not sure I’m ready for Tuesday crazy weights yet – the added cardio might be overdoing it on my knee.

In other news (not really), I ran again last night. Or rather, walked three minutes/ran one (repeat 5 ½ times). It was pretty good. My knee was getting a tad bit weary at the end, but I walked/stretched/iced, and had no soreness.

So – because it is Thursday, and Thursdays can suck, I am going to give away something. This t-shirt: 

I happen to have an extra one laying around, and thought to myself, “Amy – why keep this lovely shirt here on the table, unworn? Surely there is something you can do with it…something that doesn’t involve trying to put it on a cat (note: did not actually try to put this on any cats – I value my eyeballs). Why not give it away to one of the 85 or so people that looks at your blog on a daily basis? Or the 300 or so people who were reading your blog two weeks ago, after the ratings boost that came with a link from Crabby McSlacker (I miss you guys – please come back).

So – comment below and tell me what one thing you want to accomplish before the end of the year. I will use a random number generator (read: have the architect pull a number out of a hat) on Sunday and email the winner. The shirt is a women’s Medium American Apparel Girly Tee. And this contest is open to anyone who can receive mail – US or not.

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