Better today
Better today

Better today

Today I do not feel that amputation is a better option than keeping the knee – so that’s definitely progress.  I stayed home today.  I slept better last night (which honestly, would just have to mean that I slept at all), and am able to move around a little better.

I had some leftover quinoa salad & some baked peaches for lunch – which was quite delicious.  Tonight we’re possibly having Ethiopian food – if I can manage to get showered & dressed.

I am right now watching rhythmic gymnastics and asking myself why.

The weather is nice today, and I wish I was out running – but that would possibly be pushing it a bit far 🙂

Happy weekend, everyone!  This has been the busiest week ever at gazellesoncrack, and I wish it had been more uplifting and less ow!

Next week, there will be shoes, and recipes, and a book review or two.  And no very little whining about knees.  Cross my heart.


  1. Hi dear, i’ve never had Ethiopian food, you must tell me what it is like to eat that kind of food!!!

    I am glad your feeling a bit better today!! You are braver than i will ever be!

    Laying on couch is not a bad thing is it??


    1. I LOVE Ethiopian food. Usually, you go with a group & order one entree per person. It all comes out family style – a big dish, covered with Injera bread (which is a spongy flatbread) and with all the entrees on it. You get a side (usually bottomless) of Injera bread, and you rip small pieces of the bread off to scoop up the food. No silverware.

      Usually the food is pretty mild, and I’ve always had better luck with vegetarian dishes as opposed to meat dishes, but the chicken I had Friday night was really good.

      It’s a good meal for a small group of people – everyone shares & there’s a sense of camaraderie. Definitely check Citysearch & look for some reviews & give it a try. There are a lot of lentils, chickpeas, cabbage & beets, as well as some mild curries. YUM!

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