Better today

Today I do not feel that amputation is a better option than keeping the knee – so that’s definitely progress.  I stayed home today.  I slept better last night (which honestly, would just have to mean that I slept at all), and am able to move around a little better.

I had some leftover quinoa salad & some baked peaches for lunch – which was quite delicious.  Tonight we’re possibly having Ethiopian food – if I can manage to get showered & dressed.

I am right now watching rhythmic gymnastics and asking myself why.

The weather is nice today, and I wish I was out running – but that would possibly be pushing it a bit far 🙂

Happy weekend, everyone!  This has been the busiest week ever at gazellesoncrack, and I wish it had been more uplifting and less ow!

Next week, there will be shoes, and recipes, and a book review or two.  And no very little whining about knees.  Cross my heart.

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