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In Which I Answer Your Questions…

Q: What is the customary fish slice?

A: According to Wikipedia, the customary fish slice is often used in traditional Chinese cooking – especially noodle dishes.

However, if, like me, you are less Chinese and more Norwegian, the customary fish slice might be a bit…stinkier.  Nothing says YUM like fish soaked in lye!

Perhaps you have your own customary fish slice?  I do not (even though I am a bit Norwegian, I do not hold with lutefisk).  I am working very hard at liking fish and incorporating into 2 meals a month.  But, I have not, as yet, developed any fish slice customs.

I certainly hope that wasn’t helpful at all.

*questions are edited for clarity, spelling and grammar, and occasionally, for humor.

Apologies in advance

Today, I am not going to talk about shoes, or martinis, or gardening, or running, or even the absence of running.

Today, I am going to talk about politics.

Like many people, I have been (kind of) watching the DNC convention this week. I stream C-Span at work, listen to NPR in the car, and watch C-Span at home. That time between work and car is brutal. That is the time in which I missed Al Gore last night.

Also, I missed Tuesday night, because I suck. The times were really messing with me – I’m so used to accounting for a 3 hour time difference, not a one hour.

Anyways – I loved Bill Clinton’s speech. Enjoyed John Kerry’s. Hillary’s speech was inspired. (Why, oh why, didn’t she speak like that throughout the campaign? Her concession speech in June & the speech Tuesday were amazing.)

But Barack Obama’s speech last night? I wasn’t sold right away, but by the end, I was swept away. I’m ready for my lawn sign, now. I might even get a bumper sticker to go along with my 1-20-09 bumper sticker.

And then today, McCain announced his VP choice. Sarah Palin. I, like many others, I’m sure, said “Who?”

Early reports from the Democrat camp seemed excited! A woman! With no experience! The name “Quayle” was thrown around.

Early reports from the GOP camp seemed mixed. There was “inspired” and “Hail Mary” and “interesting” and “risky.”

Only the next 67 (I think) days will tell us what this choice really was.

BUT – if there is anyone out there who thinks that she is more worthy of a vote than Barack Obama because she is a woman, then we need to have a talk.

She’s adamantly anti-choice. She may be a woman, but she is not a feminist. She may be a woman, but she does not care about your rights. She may be a woman, but she will not go to bat for you. She will go to bat to increase drilling in the Alaskan wilderness. She will go to bat to have creationism taught in schools. She will go to bat to stack the Supreme Court with judges who will overturn Roe v. Wade. She will go to bat to decrease funding to organizations who provide abortion as one of the many, many family planning methods. She will go to bat to keep pay inequality intact. She might break a ceiling by being elected the first female Vice President (to the aging McCain, who’s had multiple cancers scares), but she will not work to help you break any glass ceilings.

She’s a woman. But she’s not a representative of me, or of any of the women I know. It sucks that Hillary Clinton wasn’t the nominee – but she’s not. But I never had any intention of not voting for Barack Obama.

I like to believe that the number of people who say they’ll vote for McCain because they’re so upset that Ms. Clinton was NOT the nominee are greatly exaggerated – that they’re getting more air time than their actual numbers should warrant. So – women (and men, of course, we are not sexist), don’t let this desperate maneuver sway you. Just because she’s a she, doesn’t mean she’ll work for you.

Stay tuned for a MUCH better post on the subject by the Ambitious One.  She actually has political degrees, and experience and stuff.  I just have a collection of opinions which don’t always mesh.


Next week, we’ll be back to gardening, cooking, running and gin. Promise.

The Wait Is Over

Finally – I am home. And although I missed Al Gore’s speech *sob* I will at least get to hear Barack Obama’s. But, that’s not the wait I was talking about. The IMPORTANT wait that is over, is that I was finally able to do my wordle.

I first saw it on Daily Kos today, and then it popped up on Republic of Dogs. Even though Blue Girl says it’s so early August 2008, I couldn’t wait to see my biggest word. Would it be gin? Or shoe? Or run? But I was DENIED at work (which is probably for the best, really).

So – here it is:

Also – on NPR tonight (on my short drive home from my Park ‘n’ Ride) they said that all the Spanish in convention was going to turn off Independent voters. Thoughts?

One jog forward, two slow steps back.

So, yesterday was my first real Physical Therapy appointment. Real in the sense that we actually did something instead of looking at me being in pain.

I also had someone different than the first appointment, and this person is a runner, so that’s kinda nice. We talked about goals. I had one. That goal was to be running again as soon as possible. She was very nice about it, but gently suggested maybe a better goal was to get healthy, so I could go running with the most chance of avoiding injury in the future. Whatever.

She also pooh-poohed the idea that the doctor had given me that I would be running again in about a week (two weeks from the steroid shot of death). Her actual words, “I will not tell you that you can’t run. But I will give you two choices. 1) Start running and come and see me two times a week for the next 4 to 6 months. 2) Hold off the running until you’re healed and stronger, and see me two times a week for the next 4 to 6 weeks.”

Stupid choices.

Confession time: Tuesday evening, I went to the gym. To walk on the treadmill. And I did – for 30 minutes. But, I got a little excited and ran for 2. Only two, though, so it hardly counts.

Last night, I went on a walk with my good friend (and occasional commenter) Kim. We did a 3-mile loop, I think. And it was pretty good. Until the last ¼ mile. The PT had told me that due to the nature of my injury, I should never push through the pain, but stop immediately when there is pain. Which, of course, is totally how I roll really hard for me. I will generally push through the pain – and I did let her know that it would be hard for me to not. However, it never occurred to me that maybe I would have to push the pain if I was still ¼ mile away from the end point, where the food (yum!) and beer (double-yum!) and my car were. Kim did offer me a piggy-back, but looked a little less-than-enthusiastic when I accepted. Hee.

So – trying to take it easy. I am so sore today – I feel like I did something crazy last night instead of a 2 ¾ mile power walk followed by a ¼ mile gimpy shuffle. I think between the PT exercises and the walk, it was more than I’ve done in a couple of months – which just makes me sad. However, I got the go ahead to go back to my weights class (yay! see you next Thursday morning at 6 AM) if I’m careful during squats and lunges, and I can elliptical, and walk, and yoga. She also mentioned swimming. And then I killed her.

HA! Just kidding. I said I’d think about it. She wants me to find an aquatic exercise class or a place where I can water jog. One of the local 24-Hours has an aqua class. Of course it’s all in the middle of the day on weekdays, but I might try the 10AM Monday class. Although that might have to wait until 9/15. No classes on Labor Day, and my next Monday is booked solid (8:30 PT; 10:30 new gym tour; 1:30 Dr. appt.; 4:30 yoga; 6:30 board meeting).

And since I mentioned new gym tour, I have to admit it’s true: I am gym shopping. I realize that would mean no more crazy weights with my favorite Portland gym bunnies – but we’ll always have running! And yoga!

Anyhoo – the architect and I are going camping this weekend –so expect an exciting photo essay on Monday! Nothing says fun like someone else’s vacation pics, right?


More fall trends.  Nordstrom’s Fall trends page lists four new trends:

  1. Rivets (Could be interesting)
  2. Fringe (Dear God, no)
  3. Biker Chic (so my style) and
  4. Tailored Sophistication (also good).

So – an example of each:

1.  Riveting….

Naughty Monkey Space Invader

Naughty Monkey Space Invader

These are cute – a little overdone, I think.  The buckle on the toe might not be necessary, but I’d totally wear them.

2.  Fringe Benefits

 Sam Edelman Utah Boot

Sam Edelman 'Utah' Boot

This boot, and all others like it, makes baby Jesus cry.  Unless you are Pocahontas, you should not buy this boot.  We will speak of it no more.

3.  Biker Chic

 Linea Paolo Brooks Boot

Linea Paolo 'Brooks' Boot

Maybe it’s wrong, but I love this.  Even with the two extraneous buckles.  It’s so high, and shiny, with laces and a little pointy toe.  *sigh*

4.  Tailored Sophistication:

 kate spade hana mary jane pump

kate spade 'hana' mary jane pump

We will ignore for now that this group also contains more cut-out oxfords than should be legal, and instead focus on the plethora of Mary Janes, non-cut-out Oxfords, and the 40s vintage-style pumps.  These are pretty (and for once, I have no objection to the presence of or number of buckles on this shoe).  I kind of want them.

Any thoughts?  Favorite shoe trends?  A defense of fringe?  (Full disclosure – when I was 12 or 13, a girl in my school had some white suede ankle boots with metal studs AND a fringe, and I lusted.  I did have a pair of white boots, but they were, sadly, neither suede nor fringed.)