The Wait Is Over
The Wait Is Over

The Wait Is Over

Finally – I am home. And although I missed Al Gore’s speech *sob* I will at least get to hear Barack Obama’s. But, that’s not the wait I was talking about. The IMPORTANT wait that is over, is that I was finally able to do my wordle.

I first saw it on Daily Kos today, and then it popped up on Republic of Dogs. Even though Blue Girl says it’s so early August 2008, I couldn’t wait to see my biggest word. Would it be gin? Or shoe? Or run? But I was DENIED at work (which is probably for the best, really).

So – here it is:

Also – on NPR tonight (on my short drive home from my Park ‘n’ Ride) they said that all the Spanish in convention was going to turn off Independent voters. Thoughts?


  1. Alisa

    Hey do you listen to NPR’s Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me? It’s a news quiz they put out on Itunes every Sunday. Last week in the listener limerick challenge they did a blurb on how we have Enzyme vneding machines. Have you seen these around? They are all over the BRB and Vollum buildings. When I first started here I thought they were the weirdest things—and they made national news =).

  2. i didn’t hear that inane Spanish comment but i did watch Obama’s speech and got teary-eyed at some points, like when he spoke about gay right and when he evoked MLK’s speech. I just stared at the TV and thought, “This guy will change the path of the nation.” I also loved the incredible diversity of the audience- all ages, ethnicites…so great.

    1. I agree about the diversity. I think I read somewhere today that the DNC convention crowd was so diverse, that the GOP cameras will have to keep going back to the same three people to pretend they have any diversity. 🙂 It was a FANTASTIC speech.

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