Well, that sucked

Hmmm….it’s been almost a week since I bored you regaled you with all the wonderful details of my life. Where to start…..

Wednesday night, I went to my workout – and lo! It was good. After running around, doing stairs, and running around, the girls in my workout group & I all went out for drinks. We had delicious drinks & delicious food (the tofu tacos are fantastic!) at Life of Riley.

Very many hours, and very many glasses of wine later, I was home. And I got up at 5 AM for my Thursday morning crazy weights class – and perhaps Alisa was there! HTC was NOT there, but I did see her briefly (we are like two ships that pass in the night early morning).

After crazy weights, I went home & relaxed for many, many hours. I also went to the grocery store, made some food, and showered. Then, I went to the airport to pick up my sister who had just flown in from South Dakota.

After the architect got home from work, we went to my cousin’s for a party. There was bocce (which apparently my sister kicked ass at) and food and drinks and very much fun.

(So far, it’s not sucking, is it? Just wait.)

Friday morning, I got up and went to workout again. It was a great workout. We ran in Washington Park and around the Rose Garden. I love hill running. About 5 minutes from the end of the workout, my knee made a noise. I stopped running. “Hmm….” I thought. “That didn’t sound good.” I walked a few steps, experimentally. My knee didn’t seem to hurt. I walked a couple more steps. Still no knee pain. And then, I felt it. It was not my knee so much as my left hamstring. Which I pulled. It started swelling & bulging, and the 5 minutes to the parking lot took over 20 minutes. I did manage to drive home (apparently driving stick uses the quad more than the hamstring), and spent the rest of the day icing & downing the Vitamin-I.

The rest of the weekend was painful. We still hung with the cousin a couple more times, watched some fireworks, went shopping, and headed to Newport to the Aquarium (and Rogue, of course), but I was gimpy.

Yesterday, I took the birthday girl (her birthday was the 4th) back to the airport, and then went to my magic chiropractor. Although he couldn’t heal my hamstring, he did align my spine, which helped immensely (any of you Portland peeps – you need a magic chiropractor, you let me know).

The architect took yesterday off, so we just hung around. I did too much yard work (all that squatting and bending hard on the hamstring) and then laid around.

Today I am finally back at work. And it started out as a rather craptastic day. Fortunately, the Farmer’s Market (sans falafel today) marked a turning point – and the day has gone uphill.

I’m not sure what this injury means for my marathon plans this fall (or even my crazy weights plans for this week). I do know that I won’t be running the Run Like A Girl 10K this weekend, and I’m likely not going to be able to run at all for at least another week. I’m already feeling hostile towards other runners I see out there – I’m not sure what 2 weeks off will do to me.

I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow, and that’s when I’ll find out if the Portland Marathon is a go this year, or if I’ll have to postpone. Fingers crossed, please!

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