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So, I went to the doctor yesterday, and it was one of the suckiest visits EVER! Seriously – I arrived at 2:15 (as instructed) for my 2:30 appointment. At 3:00, I asked to reschedule, since I was still sitting in the waiting room. Magically, I was then called back.

They weighed & measured me (and yay! Lowest doctor’s office weight EVER!) and put me in the exam room. It is now 3:10. At 3:25, I went out into the hallway to glare menacingly at everyone who walked by. Magically, the doctor showed up.

I was a little short at the beginning – probably ruder than she deserved, considering that she was 12. (and OMG how old am I now? Those kids these days, hardly old enough to be practicing medicine.) I told her what I was there for (a prescription). Then, instead of just writing me a prescription, she actually wanted to examine me. Which, in retrospect, was probably very responsible of her.

Then, because she was so nice, I brought up my knee issue. You may not know about or remember the knee issue. It all started on a beautiful day in April. The day, in fact, that I was to come to my new (and only!) job to fill out paperwork. I fell down.

Since then, I’ve run over 100 miles, including a half marathon. The knee doesn’t exactly hurt when I run. It does, however, hurt when touched. Or knelt upon (shut up – it’s during yoga). Sometimes while cycling (rode 55 miles, though), or walking up stairs.

This appointment, that I made two weeks ago, was primarily to discuss the knee in advance of the July 15 deadline for the Portland Marathon early registration. She poked it & prodded it and moved it around. She consulted with a more experienced doctor (one who was likely out of her teens). They decided it was likely one of two things. 1) Hairline fracture of the upper tibia or 2) Tear in the meniscus affecting the ACL (I think – I was not paying as much attention as I should have, since at this point I’d been away from my desk for 1.5 hours). Option 2 sounded kinda like tear…meniscus…blah blah blah…surgery.

So, at this point, I’m voting for Option 1 (never voted to have a broken leg before) or option 3) a very, very long lasting bruise – no one else, including the doctor, the X-Ray technician, and my office mate have thought option 3 to be likely.

Also, the next time the architect tells me to ‘break a leg’ before a long run (even when I tell him that’s only good luck in the theatre), I think I’ll smack him. Or maybe, kick him in the shins.

So – I had the X-Ray today, and should get results (since it’s after 5) tomorrow morning. If the X-Rays don’t show anything, I’ll likely go on to an MRI. In all likelihood, though, I will not be marathoning this fall. Even though I’ve run 100 miles since I injured myself, apparently that’s not a good enough reason to keep running on an injury.

I’m hoping that whatever the problem, I can heal quickly. I’d like to do, at the least, a half marathon this fall & then look for the full 26 miles next spring. I keep telling myself that Portland 2008 is not the last marathon ever – but if I run through a possibly severe marathon it might be MY last marathon ever.


At least my hamstring is healing up nicely, right? (Probably caused by over-compensating for the knee injury….)

In more good news, tomorrow is Friday.

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