Don’t you hate it?

When you have a GREAT story, one that you refined in your mind all morning, just waiting for your opportunity to blog it, and then *poof* it’s gone?

I do.  It was such a great story.

Instead, I will tell you the (long overdue) funny about the inspirational speaker and the weight-loss surgery support group.

Actually – it may not be funny – it may be sad or mean or politically incorrect.  You can be the judge of that.

I was at a building on the campus of a hospital about a month ago, hanging around, waiting to meet with someone (who never showed up, by the way).  A man came to the reception desk – probably in his mid-50s, a bit on the portly side, but certainly not obviously overweight….just….stout.

He was asking the concierge (it was a fancy hospital building) the location of a room.  The concierge didn’t know.

At that point, a trio of women came into the building and headed towards the elevator.  All three women were very overweight.  The man approached them, all smiles, and asked, “Are you here for the weight loss surgery informational seminar?”

They looked at him – coldly – and answered as one, “No.”  It’s amazing how much you can put in a single word, but that word was charged with anger, contempt and immediate dismissal.  They got on the elevator.  The man looked both surprised and dismayed at the same time.  He turned to the concierge and said, “I’m the “success story” speaker for the group tonight and I just need to find the room – who was I supposed to ask….her?” He gestured towards a thin woman walking through the lobby.

At that point, my ride home arrived, and I didn’t get to find out the end of the story.  Did he find the room?  I don’t know.

I did find myself being supremely happy that he hadn’t asked me where it was.  Six years ago, he may have. (And if I hadn’t started losing weight six years ago, would I have continued to gain? Would I be 70 pounds heavier instead of lighter?  Hard to say, I guess.)

So – funny?  Sad?  both?

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