I am inBINsible

Remember once, a long, long time ago when I told you the horrible story the heart-rending tale the mildly amusing snippet about how all my neighbors got their new fancy yard waste & recycling bins, and I did not?

I was pretty upset.

Every week, I’ve asked the architect if he thinks I should call our garbage/recycling company and complain.  It wasn’t until the end of June that he gave me the go-ahead (probably getting the bill with the increased rate for the new bins is what triggered it).  So, on Monday (which was two weeks AFTER I was allowed to call, due to a lethal combination of being extremely busy & extraordinarily lazy), I called.

Garbage lady: You haven’t gotten your bins?  That can’t be right.

Me: Nope, I saw them being delivered in May, but before I realized we were being excluded, the magical bin fairies were gone.

Garbage lady: *crickets*

Me: I may have cried a little.

Garbage lady: *contemplating hanging up*

Me: So, can we have bins?  *finally realized that I sounded crazy, and that she might think I was looking to score EXTRA bins*

Garbage lady: I will put a note in to have your recycling & yard waste pick-up people drop off your bins.

Me: YAY!!!!  Thank you thank you!

Garbage lady: Will there be anything else?  *wants to get off phone with crazy lady who is obsessed with & overly excited about BINS*

Call ends.

So today is garbage/recycling day.  The truck came by at 6:30 – it goes down the length of the street & picks up all the bins on one side, then turns around & comes back.  I watched.  When they picked up our recycling, they did not drop off a bin.  When they came back & did the neighbors across the street, they did not drop off a bin.

I may have cried.

Then, about 7, the garbage truck came by.  They also did not drop off a bin.

I let the cats know just how upset I was.  They were deeply concerned (likely because I was ranting and not feeding them).

Now, I have to call the garbage lady again.  This time, I will not refer to any bin dropper-offers as fairies.  I will also try to act like a grown-up who isn’t obsessed with bins.

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