I am inBINsible
I am inBINsible

I am inBINsible

Remember once, a long, long time ago when I told you the horrible story the heart-rending tale the mildly amusing snippet about how all my neighbors got their new fancy yard waste & recycling bins, and I did not?

I was pretty upset.

Every week, I’ve asked the architect if he thinks I should call our garbage/recycling company and complain.  It wasn’t until the end of June that he gave me the go-ahead (probably getting the bill with the increased rate for the new bins is what triggered it).  So, on Monday (which was two weeks AFTER I was allowed to call, due to a lethal combination of being extremely busy & extraordinarily lazy), I called.

Garbage lady: You haven’t gotten your bins?  That can’t be right.

Me: Nope, I saw them being delivered in May, but before I realized we were being excluded, the magical bin fairies were gone.

Garbage lady: *crickets*

Me: I may have cried a little.

Garbage lady: *contemplating hanging up*

Me: So, can we have bins?  *finally realized that I sounded crazy, and that she might think I was looking to score EXTRA bins*

Garbage lady: I will put a note in to have your recycling & yard waste pick-up people drop off your bins.

Me: YAY!!!!  Thank you thank you!

Garbage lady: Will there be anything else?  *wants to get off phone with crazy lady who is obsessed with & overly excited about BINS*

Call ends.

So today is garbage/recycling day.  The truck came by at 6:30 – it goes down the length of the street & picks up all the bins on one side, then turns around & comes back.  I watched.  When they picked up our recycling, they did not drop off a bin.  When they came back & did the neighbors across the street, they did not drop off a bin.

I may have cried.

Then, about 7, the garbage truck came by.  They also did not drop off a bin.

I let the cats know just how upset I was.  They were deeply concerned (likely because I was ranting and not feeding them).

Now, I have to call the garbage lady again.  This time, I will not refer to any bin dropper-offers as fairies.  I will also try to act like a grown-up who isn’t obsessed with bins.


  1. SnowDance

    Too funny! Great story! We still haven’t gotten our beautiful bins either. Those who live on the South side of the big main street have…those of us on the North (or some may believe it to be similar to being on the other side of the tracks), have yet to receive them. So unfair…

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