Guess what?  After all that ranting yesterday, guess what was waiting for me when I got home?

My beautiful new recycling bin:

Isn’t it pretty?  And blue?  I think next week, the week that our yard waste bin should arrive, I will not complain or cry until FRIDAY.  I am growing as a person RIGHT THIS MINUTE.

Starting in August, we’ll only have pickup once a month, because we can!  And it saves money.  We compost most of our food waste already, and now that our recycling bin is so large, we don’t need to put it out every week.

This weekend, the architect & I are going camping.  It’s our first time this year, which is a little pathetic, since it’s the middle of July already, but things have been kinda crazy.  I’m not sure how much hiking we’ll get in, but since no doctors or nurses or mothers or trainers have specifically forbidden hiking, I’m probably going to do a LITTLE bit of hiking.  Because if no one told me NOT to, then it means that it’s okay, right?  (Much like the time my father told me not to read any of his Stephen King books, so I checked some out of the library – they certainly weren’t his, so it was not breaking any rules.  Sorry Dad!)

My life is so very nearly complete now – what with the new bin & the upcoming camping – that all I need now is for that damn mole that is ruining my garden to die.  Or move out.  Either one.  (I dreamed about the mole last night.  I kinda want to throw a brick at it, but it’s invisi-mole, and I haven’t actually seen it yet.)

Anyhoo – have a fantastic weekend!

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