Weekend Camping Adventure – a photo essay

As if the excitement of the bin! wasn’t enough, last weekend, the architect & I went camping.

It all started on Friday afternoon. The architect picked me up from work, and we zoomed home to feed the small monsters, before heading out for two nights of camping adventure.

The adventure started right away, when it took us 1 hour and 45 minutes to leave Oregon. For those unfamiliar with the geography of Oregon, I have this map:

It took a very, very long time to get to Washington:

However, we eventually made it to the campsite. It looked like this:

We set up camp, made dinner, and had a beer. Soon, the frogs were singing to us, and we drifted off to sleep. I actually slept quite well, and in the morning woke to this:

Ha ha! Just kidding. Kind of. What we actually woke up to was this:

Pretty, no?

We had a leisurely morning.


It may look cold, but it’s not. All those clothes are mosquito protection. After coffee (of course) and breakfast, it was time to hike.

You may remember that I have a knee injury, but that my doctor did not specifically forbid hiking. It turns out that the doc may not have forbidden it because I did not mention that there was hiking in my future. After hiking for about 2 1/2 miles, through snow:

(There was actually much more snow – this is just the only picture I have.)

So, my knee started to hurt – and then I took many ibuprofens. We stopped for sandwiches at a beautiful viewpoint. I may have fallen asleep.

(That is a dramatic re-enactment.)

We hiked back, and then hung at the campsite, trying to avoid the mosquitos. We did decide to wade in the lake – it was not as cold as one would expect, considering it was glacier fed and apparently, in mountain seasons, it was early March.

The architect went for a walk, and I built the fire. It was the best fire ever! (no photographic evidence, just trust me.)

Unfortunately, during the evening, I was bitten terribly:

I told the architect to take a picture, because if it turned out to be serious, then we should have a photo for the doctor, and if it wasn’t, I could totally use the picture on my blog. I am always thinking of you, dear readers.

We decided that it was a vampire stick bite – those crazy sticks will do anything to avoid the fire.

The sunset that night was awesome.

(The architect snapped this while being swarmed by mosquitoes – he’s very talented.)

At about 9:30, the frogs & bats appeared, and the mosquitoes finally died down. At last count, I have 38 mosquitos bites – one dozen of them on my forehead, making me look like a 12 year old having her first acne outbreak. The architect did not fare better. It was warm all weekend, but I could not run around in shorts & a tank, because I only wanted 3 dozen bites, not 50 dozen.

Sunday morning, we packed up & left. We saw many many deer, and the most beautiful bobcat EVER!! We stopped for Mexican food in Longview, and I’m not sure if my standards have gone down since leaving LA, but it was awesome. Of course, I ate enough Mexican food for three small runners on a running hiatus, but that’s beside the point.

The rest of Sunday was spent napping & relaxing.

Today was a busy day off – laundry, menu planning, groceries, getting yelled at by a crazy homeless meth addict (“of all the fucking bitches in the world, you are the fattest, ugliest fucking bitch I’ve ever seen”) and getting brutally attacked by the most vicious beast ever to walk the face of this earth:

Puncture wounds in the neck, and a big ol’ scratch on the arm….sexy!

So – that was my very exciting weekend….how was yours?

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