Do you read Go Fug Yourself?
Do you read Go Fug Yourself?


  1. OMG… I love that website! Those chicks crack me up all the time.

    On to Helen….Seriously. She gives all of those young plastic hos a run for their $$ and she’s 3 times their age! Holy shit!! I saw those pics earlier and was AMAZED. And here I just thought she had piled on the SPANX under her Oscar dress. No way.

  2. I also saw those pics yesterday and was hella impressed. I’ve never looked that good and bitch is old! Lol.

    Also, another noteworthy blog –

    It’s my crack.

    1. LOVE dlisted. It is also my crack – although it is NSF crack. The fug-girls are (usually – sometimes there’s a nip-slip) my work crack.

      A girl has to have different crack for different locales, you know.

      And how much do I hate/madly adore Helen?

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