Well, that sucked….

I went back & forth all week on whether or not I was going to attempt. Friday night, I decided not to – based on a number of factors, not least of which was the forecast. Later that night, I decided to go for it.

It sucked. I had so much doubt about my ability to complete it, that I started off weak. After the first 16 miles, I started to get my rhythm, and did well for the next 10 or so. After that, I found myself alone on the road. I fell at one point, and by the time I caught up with the architect, I was not having a good time. I made it to the lunch stop (the architect rode with me the after our discussion at mile 35). I thought I was going to be okay – we were at mile 45, almost half way done – although we were worried about making it to the beach in time for our booked ride back.

After leaving Amity (which was the lunch stop), things went rapidly downhill. It was hot, and I just couldn’t get it together. I made it about 8 more miles before I couldn’t go any further. I was burned, exhausted, dizzy, and dry heaving.

I kind of did a dive off my bike into some bushes. I am so impressed with the other bikers as well as people along the route. A number of bikers stopped, gave me water, and someone went for help. A woman who lived across the street brought me cold water. Soon, the architect (who was trying to get help for me) and the support van showed up. A medic checked me over & declared me not likely to die any time soon, but strongly suggested that I was done for the day. I really didn’t need any prompting – I was done. The van took me back to Amity where the architect met me. We found a ride to the finish line with Tom – who works for the event coordinator. Tom drove us to the finish line. We stopped a few times to pull some signs, drop off some water (they were going through that like crazy). We drove across the finish line at 5:45 (and so, we did drive across the line).

It wasn’t the ideal ride, and I didn’t hit my 100 mile goal, but we did meet Tom. And guess what? Tom lives one block away from us! And, because we didn’t have time at the finish line to get free food & drink, because we had to run for the bus, Tom went & filled plates for us & brought them to us on the bus! I’m actually a little in love with Tom at this point. Today, I am going to bake him some cookies & deliver them.

Although the day mostly sucked, and today also kinda sucks (I have so much sunburn on my arms, despite repeated applications of sunscreen; also still a bit of heat exhaustion, I’m guessing), things turned out interestingly. My heat exhaustion saved the architect from pushing through to the end & getting worse heat exhaustion. We met a new neighbor. And, I think it wasn’t my physical fitness that was lacking. I’m not sure at this point if I’ll ever try another century – I’m definitely a runner, not a cyclist. However, I am disappointed that I wasn’t able to check it off my list. I certainly won’t be trying again this year!

I think my biggest disappointment is that I have been doing so well, fitness-wise, lately – and this is such a setback (in my eyes).

However, I just can’t beat myself up too much. I wasn’t the only one who didn’t finish yesterday – the heat was brutal. My dear friend, the cheetah, is some kind of cyborg creature that is never affected by heat, so I’m guessing she finished and feels just fine today.

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to post more often in the coming weeks – last week was so crazy busy with the 2 jobs and that crazy life thing I keep trying to have.

My triathlon is three weeks away – and that one I’m feeling confident about. After that – I’m into my marathon training.

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