I mean, seriously….for only three days of work, that was intense.

Today?  I slept as late as my hungry monsters would let me.  I drank coffee and ate waffles for breakfast.  I lounged.

Now, I am digesting my lunch (grilled cheese, tomato soup & chocolate milk – it’s nice to have a half marathon coming up – I can eat whatever [within reason, of course]).

This afternoon, I’ll do a short cardio session, some weights, then some gardening.  I’m making bread right now.  I have a phone call to return, and the door-to-door political canvassers to avoid.


My first week was amazing.  I wish I could share more of the details with you all, but although I don’t care if you know where I work, I very much care if you know where I work.  Suffice it to say that I am working at the largest place I have EVER worked, even including my dotcom days.

I love it.  I love the things I’ve seen and the things I’ve learned.  I love that my boss loves me and is impressed at how fast I’m picking things up.  I love how fast I’m picking things up.  There are a lot of things to learn, and I’ve just started, but it’s not going to be as overwhelming as I thought.  I’m apparently quite fancy, and I will have a lot of responsibility.


And, one fun story.  I was in line at a cafeteria yesterday (I seldom bring my lunch the first week of any new thing – not sure why).  There are a few different options – you can get something from the grill, you can get the special of the day, or you can do soup & salad bar.  They are all in different areas.

There is a woman in front of me at the special of the day (which was fancy salads) who wanted a chicken sandwich – so she ordered one.

The man making the fancy salads proceeded to start making a chicken salad.

“Everything on it?” he asked.

She said, louder this time, “I want a chicken sandwich.”

He smiled, and continued making her salad.

I said, “Grill items are at that station over there – this is just the salads.”

“Oh, I guess I’m not getting a sandwich then.”

I was about to offer to take the salad, since it was what I was going to order, anyways, when she added, “You know, some English would be helpful.”

I almost said (and I’m still kicking myself because I didn’t), “Yes, it does come in handy for sign reading & interpretation.”


  1. SnowDance

    Glad to hear things are hopping and the happiness in your post is wonderful. Cafeteria options are endless I imagine. Much more selection than the “old” place.

    I don’t have that happiness right now, so it is good to feed off of you. Something passed this afternoon…and will quickly being moving forward now and I can only wonder what that might mean for my future. Time may tell, it may not. We shall see.

  2. Just popping in to say HI! Glad the new job is going so wonderfully! I’ll catch up with you soon. I’m having shoe porn withdrawals! Notice I didn’t say martini withdrawal; I’ve been gettin’ plenty o’ that! Yikes.

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