My New Life of Leisure

Hasn’t actually started yet.  Today was new hire orientation.  However, I was home by 4 – early enough to do a quick run (3.5 miles).

I had a great weekend.

Friday night martinis and bacon-wrapped dates were fabulous – once we all recovered from having to park 17 miles away from the bar.  Those were some well deserved drinks.

Saturday was a nice lazy day.  It wasn’t supposed to be.  It was supposed to be a 50 mile bike ride – but the architect & I just didn’t quite get there.

Saturday night we went to a party.  I was getting kinda antsy by the time we FINALLY went – I don’t really like parties full of strangers.  Or actually, more than 5 people.  I’m more of an intimate small gathering kinda person.  But, even though we ended up leaving MUCH later than I’d anticipated, I had a fabulous time.

I only knew one other person at the party – but as he is one of my favorite people in the whole world AND I hardly ever see him even though he works with the architect AND lives in the same city – I was glad I went.  The party was walking distance; I met someone who works in the same place I now work who is also a writer; and I got to hang out with my two favorite architectural persons.  Plus, they had great landscaping.

Sunday was busy.  I went for a run (the slowest 6 miles I’ve run in a long time), and then spent all afternoon working in the yard.  My most excellent friend Kim & her wonderful husband came over with his truck and we loaded all the branches from the hedge of evil and took them to the dump.  Well, the menfolk did the dumping, the ladies stayed back and made more piles of branches.

I am less frightened about my new job and just kinda excited about where I work.  I’m mean I’m still scared – but now it’s a manageable fear.  Also, I only work Monday-Wednesday this week.  Which makes up for the fear.

I will, after today, be driving very little.  Most of my commuting will be by the good graces of my husband, by bicycle, and by Metro.  Hopefully that means that there will be stories!  I know that it means I’ll have time to write.

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