Talk about the crazy!

So, It’s week three at the new job.  And things are starting to happen.  I’m actually doing my job now!  A little – I don’t have all the computer access I need yet (and won’t until June 4 until I’m 100% done w/ training).  But, I have responsibilities!  And so far, I’m doing well, I think.

Our realtor is coming over for dinner on Thursday evening – she hasn’t been here since we moved in a year ago, so I’m trying to make my home beautiful.  Or, at the very least, clean.  Obviously I’m doing a great job since I’m on the computer.  ha!

My month of hard core is not going well, I’m afraid.  Will I never have a 100 mile month?

I’m really scattered tonight – and don’t have a lot to say.  I really can’t talk too much about my job, and that’s all I’ve done since yesterday!  I think I’ll have some funny stories later in the week, though.

I need to talk about the granola (thanks Claire!) and the funny bariatric surgery inspirational speaker that I overheard today.

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