Shamrock Run Results

I don’t have the official results yet, but based on my personal digital watch, I finished in 1:38:15 – which is a pace of 10:34 and almost 7 minutes faster than my goal time.  The hills – they looked scary, but I flew up them.

AND, my running bitches?  Kim finished in 1:31 – which is like a 9:46 mile – and that’s super fast!  I don’t know how fast my other running be-yotch finished in, but she’s super fast.  Like 8 minute mile fast, so I’m sure she was done & in the middle of her massage before I even saw the finish line.

I have photos – and will share them tomorrow.

It was a good run.  I feel terrific, and it was a lot easier than I thought.  I’m no longer terribly nervous about the half marathon coming up in May.

But now – time for showers, and then maybe more food & beer.

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