Final Numbers

MM – 1:26:04; 9:14 pace
KM – 1:31:36; 9:49 pace
Me – 1:38:06; 10:31 pace

As you can see, we are very, very fast people.  Also, maybe a little crazy.

Here I am, crossing the finish line:

And here I am w/ Kim, celebrating our kick-ass times.

That was immediately after finishing, and I hadn’t cooled down enough, so I was pausing for the photo and trying not to cramp up.

It was great, though.  Other people from my workout group participated in different events – 5Ks & 8Ks and they did well, too.  My first race was a 5K, and my pace was over 13 minutes/mile.  My last officially timed race was the 10K last May, and my pace was an 11:52/mile.  The fact that I ran yesterday’s race (a 15K) in 10:31/mile marks a huge improvement for me.  But now?  I want more!  I only have one more road race planned for this year (the Bridge 10K in April), and I really want to finish that as close to one hour as possible.  I don’t think I can do it UNDER an hour, ’cause that’s basically a 9:39 mile, and I don’t think I can keep that pace for 6.25 miles – but if I could do it in under one hour 5 minutes, I’d be thrilled.

I  will do my best to not talk about running or racing or half marathons or full marathons for a couple of weeks.  Surely something else interesting is going on.  I’ll work on finding out what that is.

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