Title 9 Can Bite My Ass

The clothing company, of course, not the law thing.

Once, I bought a sports bra from Title 9.  It was alright – nothing terrific.  So, now I get their catalogs.  And their catalogs are full of cute sporty clothes that I want.

HOWEVER, there is a problem.

They have great, cute sports bras:


So cute!  And cute color options!  And cute!  They don’t go above a C.  You want something in my size?

  comes in white & black

comes in white & black

I know that a larger chest needs a lot more…infrastructure…to support it and make it not bouncy – but there are really only 2-3 bras for anything above a DD (like we don’t want to exercise?), and they come in black, white, and occasionally (if we’re lucky) blue or gray.  No fun patterns.  No fun colors.  “Why do I care?” you might ask.  I don’t know, but it bugs the shit out of me.  It’s like shopping for plus-size clothing at a regular store.  Once you’re a certain size, apparently you no longer care about style, colors or selection.  That pisses me off – and for a store that’s supposed to be all about empowering women to be sporty, this seems a little ass-hattish.

But wait, let’s check out their cute swimming suits.

Not a single two-piece comes in a size I can wear.  Their XL?  40ABC.  Seriously.  I wanted a bikini.  I’m all skinny now and deserve a damn bikini.  (I will never wear a bikini in public, but sometimes I just want one to wear around the house.  I don’t know why.)  However, this is obviously not the place to get bikinis.

Good thing the bottom half of me is all skinny, right?  Surely their shorts & capris & pants must fit?

Well, yes, I can buy most of those things.  Except for these:

Some random bottoms don’t come in a size below size 6.  Which is so random!  Why?  Why?

So – my boobs are too big, and my ass is too small (I hope T9 can find my ass to bite it).

So, in conclusion:

XL and 38AB-40AB do not go together.  Although that bra OBVIOUSLY would not be nearly supportive enough for a DDD….but it’s in the running section.  And it’s green.  I want a lime green sports bra.  And just the one would be good – I’m currently in the 2-bra per run place again.

So – I hate Title 9 – and every other store that doesn’t make attractive sports bras in large sizes with a variety of colors.  I mean really – the people who need the sports bras the most are those that have the most to be supported!

Thank you for reading my rant.  Come back Monday for my 15K race results and perhaps some shoes.

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