The saddest thing….

This morning, I took my wee baby to the vet to get spayed. It’s really beyond time, and the other cats were so grateful.

However, while there, I saw the saddest thing.

Ahead of me in line was an older (than me) woman with a small dog. The dog was wearing a little sweater, and seemed to be having trouble standing upright. I overheard the conversation – the dog hadn’t been able to keep food down, wasn’t drinking or peeing, and hadn’t been able to take any insulin since they’d been in yesterday.

I was soon distracted as I had to fill out all the forms saying that I wouldn’t sue them if Lola died on the operating table and all that scary stuff, and only caught a glimpse of the woman handing her dog to the vet and leaving.

I took Lola to the back room, where all the metal cages are, and the little guy was back there. He was shaking & shivering, despite his sweater and a blanket, and just kept barking. Quietly. But persistently. He was blind in one eye, and looked like he had a few years on him. He did not look well. The vet techs took him to another room because his (quiet) barking was disturbing my precious angel (and the other animals). Lola was not excited about being left behind, and tried to take up residence in my coat – although I eventually got her into her very own cage.

When I left the vet office to head out to my car I saw the woman in her car – crying.

My heart just about broke right there.

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