Another 5-day workweek


Fortunately, I only have to work 3 days next week – all this 5 days in a row crap is really wearing.

As promised, I did buy new running shoes – although I didn’t get them until Saturday, so I was a bit late. But, still – it’s more for my benefit that yours, anyways.

Behold – my beauties:

It was a pretty good weekend. I got my new running shoes, and immediately took them to the gym to try them out. It’s amazing how much difference a well-fitted pair of shoes can make. I barely felt a twinge in my shin – and am hoping that by tomorrow, when I run again, I will be almost 100% better.

(Question….does anyone else have trouble running as far or as fast on the treadmill? I can barely do 4 miles at a 12-minute mile on the treadmill, but give me the great outdoors, and I’ll run 7 miles in under 77 minutes. It seems weird to me, so I thought I’d ask.)

Saturday evening, the architect & I went to pick up our race packets for the Worst Day of the Year Ride that was scheduled for Sunday. Saturday evening, we watched “Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix” as we hadn’t yet seen it. I thought it was pretty boring.

Sunday we had our biking & food fest. First there were donuts. Then, we got ready to ride:

Then – we rode 18 miles. And I learned that spandex shorts that are extra-large do not conform to your body if you are no longer extra large. Important lesson learned.

After the 18-mile ride, there was soup, then beers w/ friends. Over beers, we decided that we would all do the Reach the Beach ride on May 17. From Portland, that’s a 100-mile ride. I will probably start asking everyone for money soon – because that is what I do once a year – a race that involves fund-raising.

The most exciting thing about the Reach the Beach – other than it being my first century-ride – is that it’s one week after my half-marathon. Which might make me either insane or hella-cool. It’s a toss-up.

After beers & crazy-talk, the architect & I went to REI because I really needed new bike shorts (see aforementioned spandex issues) and he needed new hiking boots (we have an insane amount of hiking planned this year, in between races).

REI was having their winter clearance, and I found these:

Bike shoes – now I can get clip pedals like a real bicyclist!

In addition to my bike shoes, my bike shorts, and a couple other odds & ends, I found these in the clearance bin:

Aren’t they the twee-est shoes ever? Of course, I bought them. In a week-long plan of being nice to my poor abused feet (between running in crap shoes & wearing stilettos, my feet are occasionally angry with me), I am wearing flats or very low heels every day this week. It’s much easier to do when they’re this cute.

Today is a lazy (read no exercise) day. I’ve heard they’re good to have every once in a while, and since I have workouts planned every day for the next 11 days in a row, I’m not feeling too guilty. (Although that pizza I had last night tried to make me feel a bit of guilt, but I’m ignoring it.)

I think this week is going to go quickly. Running & knitting tomorrow, workout group on Wednesday, swimming & V-day on Thursday (blah – so obnoxious – I hate all the jewelry ads), pilates & running on Friday, workout on Saturday, snow-shoeing on Sunday, holiday on Monday….and then back at it. Tomorrow my baby girl is (finally) getting spayed. I know it will go well, and it will be such a relief, as she’s been going into heat for 2 months now, annoying the crap out of the other cats, the architect & I, and any visitors that happen to visit at her special times.

Well – back to work. So many reports, so little time (also, too much multi-tasking, and now I’m all confused).

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