Sometimes, being a failure isn’t so bad…

Hi – welcome to Amy’s weight-loss, exercise & shoe blog. Because apparently that’s all I talk about anymore. So, on to today’s topic: string theory.

ha ha ha – just kidding.

Today’s topic is why I am a failure, and why that’s okay.

I have been suffering from shin splints since I started running again after the weeks off from my back injury. Most likely because I came back too strong. (I was trying to be good….I started at 3 miles….but was doing it 4-5 times a week, instead of 5 miles 2x a week…if one were inclined to do math, one would realize that I’d gone from 10 mi/week, to 5 weeks of nothing, to 12-15 mi/week…and that is NOT less. In fact, that is actually more. I know, I was shocked, as well. I also went from an average 11.5 min mile to a 10.5 min mile, which is, again, not easing back into it.)

So, yesterday morning I swam my 30 laps, which was awesome. And then we had workout last night (I’m part of a workout group, but not one of the official Portland running clubs), and even though I was late, I ran 3.25 miles (some of it backwards! some of it sprinting! some of it skipping! we are fun to watch).

This morning, I went to my first Pilates class in 2.5 months – and was a little disheartened to realize how much I’d lost. So, when Kim & I went on our lunch run, I was determined to run slowly, baby my shin, so that I could do my 5.5 mile run tomorrow.

My slow run? Still came in at under an 11 minute mile, and the first 1.3 miles are very uphill (gain of over 400 ft in that space). I was trying for a 12 minute mile, but I failed. Because I was too fast. hee.

In other good news, at my FIRST PILATES CLASS IN 2.5 MONTHS, I was able to get a registration for the Hippie Chick Half – which has been sold out since November! I was so sad when it was sold out, but now, I get to do it anyways! YAY!

AND, because the good news keeps on coming, we got our state tax refund today, which means we can replace the plethora of dying things in our house – the DVD player, the TV/VCR and the moaning in pain microwave.

I’m looking forward to the weekend – a run, the worst day of the year bike ride, some serious lounging, and maybe a bit of kitteh cuddling. However, there are still three whole hours to get through, before the weekend can officially begin. I hope you have a good one!

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