Lola update

Little Lola came through her spaying just fine. She’s in a bit of pain, but we have drugs for that – which make her stoned & sleepy – and she should be back to her regular obnoxious kitteny self tomorrow.

At our vet, Darwin has a note in his file that he’s “fractious” which is such a kind understatement, that I immediately fell in love with our vets (because they did not ban him for life). However, Lola got a special note in her file that she is a sweet kitty. So this morning, I asked Darwin why he couldn’t be more like his sister.

I’m so glad I don’t need to start a therapy fund for him, because as much as he’s my baby, he’s still a cat. Pet ownership: All the fun of being an insensitive parent without ever worrying about being asked to show up on Jerry Springer. (Also, sometimes when the architect leaves, I tell the cats that they made Daddy mad, and now he’s never coming back because of them. Hee.)

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