All weeks should be three day weeks

This week, I am celebrating one of the most significant events to happen in the last half-century: my birth. I have a friend who takes the month before & the month after to celebrate her birth month, but I only need the week prior, and then the rest of the month to celebrate mine.

So – I began the festivities with a lovely long run in Tryon Saturday morning with the women I work out with once or twice a week. We kicked some serious hill-ass. Rock stars – seriously.

Saturday afternoon, the architect and I bought a new microwave. I know, seriously – how do we keep the romance alive! We also purchased a beautiful rug for our living room – and once it’s delivered, I’ll share photos.

Sunday we went snow-shoeing. I was about 3 parts dread & 2 parts excited anticipation for this one. Turns out neither part was necessary. It was alright, but nothing I feel compelled to try again. It was beautiful – blue skies, 40 degrees, snow & trees – but I’d rather do a lot of other things. I managed to suppress the whine and made it an entire 2 hours before getting too grumpy. I mentioned to the architect that it was almost exactly 5 years to the day that we went on our first hike together (the surprising part is that it wasn’t our last). I was so overweight and out-of-shape. We had gone to Desert Hot Springs for my birthday, and were wandering around Joshua Tree when he saw a sign. Lost Horse Mine – 2 miles.

At this point, I didn’t know about the mine obsession, and it seemed silly to walk 4 miles (we did have to come back) just to see an old hole in the ground. I know better now – there is no talking the architect out of a mine hike – and he was stubborn.

So we went. And it was uphill! (I was such a baby – it was only a 500 foot elevation climb over the two miles.) But I made it there and back. It was, however, a damn good thing that we were staying in a hotel that had hot springs – because that was about the only thing that got me out of bed in the morning. I hurt all over.

And that was it – the turning point. It was so embarrassing that I couldn’t walk 4 miles in a row without need assistance moving the next day, and I hurt for a week. I made him take me hiking again the next weekend. And the weekend after. And now look at me. I’m completely insane with the exercise.

So- I commented to the architect on Sunday that I might be whining, but at least I waited 2 hours before starting. That’s Amy 2008 – now with 92% less whine.

Sunday afternoon & yesterday I did very little (yesterday I didn’t even exercise!) – just lounged about and played computer games while watching Angel (I finally finished Season 5 yesterday).

Now today, I’m back at work – and can you believe that there are no presents here? Not only that, but I had to run alllllllllllllllllllll by myselllllllllllllllf at lunch today, because my running buddy is off in Canadia somewhere snowboarding or something silly like that. Whatever – selfish bitch. (just kidding Kim! you’re the awesomest.) But I did run today – after much procrastination – and even ran almost 4 whole miles, because I am an over-achiever. It did, however, occur to me that my 15K is less than a month away now – and that makes me a bit nervous. 9.3 miles is a fair distance.

But – back to my birthday. Which is Sunday, in case you needed to know. I don’t have any major plans, as far as I know – except for Friday (which I have taken off in honor of me), when I will be shopping with some of my best Portland friends, and then, we have plotted to have bacon-wrapped dates. And martinis. My friends are hella cool.

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