Crazy Babies

Or, Crazy Amys.

It’s been a busy (4-day) weekend, although I think I kicked butt on the productivity test today (completely making up for yesterdays complete lack of). (I have been staring at that last sentence for longer than I should, due to the last word in the parenthetical.)

Saturday morning I went out with the workout group and, well, worked out. Saturdays are at a state park, which was different. I don’t expect to make many Saturday classes, but it was nice to do something different. The rest of Saturday seems so long ago, that I have no idea what I did.

Yesterday, as I mentioned, I did nothing. Not even the bike ride. I didn’t even watch Angel. I just played 5 million games of computer solitaire.

Today, I was crazy productive! I cleaned the floors! I took down the outside xmas lights! I did laundry! I washed dishes! I made my office less a clothes & shoes storage space and more an office! I was the queen of organization today. Also, I finished a hat (#2 out of 4 for my hat orders….hopefully I’ll get that package sent out tomorrow or Wednesday).

And then, because I couldn’t just rest on that, I went to an early version of my workout. There were only 2 students today, and because it was 33 degrees outside, we just kept moving. We started near Goose Hollow, and went up, up, up. It was cold, but clear and beautiful. At one of the highest points, we had a view of Hood, St. Helens, Adams AND Ranier, and to top all that wonderful-ness off, the full moon was rising over the mountains. It was one of the most gorgeous things I’ve seen in a while, and that’s why I live in Portland and work out when its freezing.

We saw a lot of beautiful houses – older ones that were built a while ago, and are inhabited by the wealthy…not the silly McMansions that get built now-a-days by people with more money than taste.

And then, on the way home, I saw the oddest thing. I was driving by what used to be the Pirate’s Restaurant (a vegan pirate-themed restaurant that just didn’t quite hit either of those themes well…their only rum drinks were a Pina Colada & rum & coke….and they didn’t have any top shelf rums, also their food nearly killed me). Just a couple of weeks ago, it was the Pirate’s restaurant. Today? Live Nude Dancers. Although that is certainly keeping with a pirate theme, I think that it might lose some of the family friendliness they were getting before. So – that was odd, but probably better all around. It’s on a remote street, with nothing around it but industrial stuff & warehouses, and I think that Live Nude Dancers will be a bigger hit than Vegan (overly Disney-fied) Pirates.

And tomorrow, back to work. Sigh. I enjoy this life of leisure – maybe a little too much – but I’m afraid that I’d soon run out of shoe money if I didn’t go back to work. I would be in such great shape though – maybe people would just give me shoes. I could be a shoe model, or something. I’d have really nice legs.

Oooh – speaking of nice legs (I am the rambler), about a year ago, I got a new scale, and it made me sad. It was more accurate than my mostly-friendly old scale (which usually said nice things, but occasionally said I weighed well over 200 lbs…which just wasn’t true). When I got the new scale, I wrote down my weight, my waist, hip & neck measurements, and then promptly forgot. Until today! So, since April 2007 (I know, it’s not quite a year, and maybe I’ll do an April 2008 update, but this was exciting), I have lost 25.6 pounds, almost 3 inches off my waist (actually, it might be more, I’d be willing to bet money that I sucked it in a lot for that measurement), almost 5 inches off my hips, and an astonishing 1.5 inches from my neck.

I’m pretty sure that deserves a new tattoo….coming your way, end of March.

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