Working on maintaining my rockstar status

My friend Kim & I ran almost 3 miles today at lunch – in 30 minutes. There was a 300 ft climb in that, too…and it was 38 degrees. So, we are pretty damn cool, right?

However, on the not as cool end, I found out that a project I thought I had a week to finish, I only have 2 days….so back to my cave…I mean cubicle. Forever. Or at least the rest of the week. I almost even skipped my run today, but then I read my horoscope:

…Even if you are feeling great, you might be susceptible to stress now, so it’s still a smart idea to watch your diet and get more exercise. Instead of being overwhelmed by all the big changes you could make, consolidate your vision by first making a list and tackling something that is easily manageable.

So – I had to run. And, if I can, hit the pool tonight on my way home. (Also, so sad about Heath, isn’t it? You’d expect that announcement about an Amy Winehouse or a Britney Spears, but Heath? He was so cute. Poor baby Matilda.)

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