This afternoon I sat in a room full of large breasted women. Most of them were older than me, and most of them were heavier than me. There were only two young perky people like me……however, we had an hour & half presentation (with pictures!) of everything one might want to know in a general sort of way about breast reduction surgery – including pictures of everything that can go wrong. Like total nipple loss. And hematomas. And other weirdness. Also, success pics.

I went ahead and put in my request for an actual appointment with a surgeon – and it looks like, if that goes well, that I will be looking at a late fall/early winter surgery. I am both nervous & excited. I know there are risks, and who knows if I’ll like it, but to be a C cup, and to buy button-down shirts that fit, to buy a sports bra that has bright colors and patterns, and a dress that fits my bottom AND top. To have the relief from the chronic upper back pain that I almost don’t even think about anymore, it’s so constant, and to be able to run painlessly…’ll all be worth it.

Also, they’ll be perkier, until gravity has its way again.

Just think….a C cup.

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  1. Hi Amy,

    I think I clicked on you via Past Queen.

    In any case… we have a lot in common. I too hate working, love heels, martinis and cheese, however, your writing skillz trump mine 100 times over.

    Good luck with the quest for less boobage.
    I’m from a long line of extremely busty broads and thankfully, mine have not yet gone the way of the Hermiston watermelon, however, we shall see what pregnancy does to my puppies whenever The Cub and I decide to breed.

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