in brief

I love hearing good things….

a friend raised a bucketload of money for the very worthy cause that employs her. I am so excited for her, and even more excited for her to be my future taking-over-the-world partner.

my architect gave his first major design presentation yesterday, and the developers picked his designs for everything. the partner who had accompanied him on the business trip was so impressed that he made him have a shot of tequila (I’m sure there was a lot of arm twisting going on there).

at my workout last night, we did mile time trials, and my mile, we ran 2.5 miles, but timed only the 2nd mile) was 9.46. I have never clocked under 10 minutes! My friend Kim ran a 9.31 mile – and I think she needs part of the credit for my speed – I think I worked a little harder to make sure she didn’t disappear from sight. It was about 35 degrees last night, so a bit chilly! BUT, I felt so awesome afterwards. (I think I told the architect about 7 times how fast my mile was…maybe I’ll only tell him once or twice tonight.)

So – what kind of good things have been happening with you? Sometimes I think we all wait for the bad stuff to happen before jumping up & saying, “hey! I’m here!” so, if you have happy news, share it. I’m totally here for you.

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