a bit better today

and not only because it’s Friday. Technology is not making me its bitch today, although we are still having problems. I am trying to get technology into couples counseling with me, but its refusing.

I am so tired lately. All I want to do is sit on my couch and do nothing. Watch tv, play solataire, things that are mindless. I can’t wait for the light again. (Did you know that the very first day that the sun will rise before 7 AM this year is February 24? Do you know what day that is?)

(And if this is how I made it through the 3-day week, how am I going to be next week?)

I am muchly looking forward to my date with the architect tonight (as well as the inevitable martini), and then a weekend of relaxation. There is no real work to do around the house, no one visiting (not that I don’t like visitors) and nothing going on at all. I can run, learn to change my bike tire, and hang out with the kitties to my heart’s content.

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