What Makes Mondays Suck?

Does everyone just wake up on the wrong side of the bed on Mondays? Is there some kind of energy that exists that makes everyone cranky right away? I woke up mildly crabby, mostly because I slept like crap last night, and then was very nearly run into by some asshat in an SUV running a stop sign. Then he honked at me. (I didn’t have a stop sign, so I didn’t stop. So, you know, my bad.)

Then, there was a mildly annoying incident at work, which has continued to annoy me mildly all day.


Anyways, on to more interesting stuff. So, Friday night, I met the architect at Amnesia Brewing Company, and then we headed down the street to Equinox for dinner& drinks. I had the stuff chicken and a martini (or two), and it was so good. Also, we had the most wonderful dessert. Equinox doesn’t have their dessert menu online, and I can’t remember what it was called, but it was so good, I thought about taking it and renting a room for the weekend. Seriously. That good.

Saturday was kind of a lazy day. We went to the lumber yard to buy some stuff as we work on finishing up the flooring project, and spent most of the day doing a whole lot of nothing. Although I did finally learn how to change my bike tires. The actual job is difficult to comprehend, just really, really hard to execute. I’m in big trouble if I ever get a flat during a race – it took me FOREVER, lots of cursing, and a lovely bruise on my right bicep before I got even one of them changed.

Yesterday, I rode my bike, and the tires held up to that. I hit about 16 miles yesterday (although Mr. Show-off, aka the architect, rode 40 miles), and then followed it up with an almost-5K (2.8 miles). When I started running, I felt like I was running in slow motion, and thought my time was going to be horrible, but I ended up averaging a 10.5 minute mile, which is pretty good, considering that I don’t usually run after a 70 minute ride. Except for that whole swimming part (I actually swam last week – so yay for me), I’m feeling good about my triathlon.

Today I get to go to a board meeting after work. Woo. Stupid board. Stupid board that is giving me a service award, making it virtually impossible for me to resign from the board. And, it’s a 2-year term, so I’m not even half-way through my term yet.

Tomorrow, though, there is knitting. And a nice run, hopefully. And, if I can get myself together in the morning, maybe a swim. We’ll see about that part.

Starting next week, work will be my home, so I’m hoping to not burn out. My stealth plans include taking this Friday off. (woo! Two 4-day weeks in a row, separated by a 4-day weekend! I did the same thing last year, and ended up extending my time off because I had surgery…hoping for NOT a repeat of that this year.)

So – hopefully this evening will go quickly & painlessly. I do get to have Subway, which is kinda awesome. I love Subway. Not sure why – I’ve certainly had better sandwiches elsewhere, but I just do.

So – happy Monday & happy week. I’ll try to get some more porn up this week!

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