Here for my weekly update

I mean, seriously….what’s up with me lately?

I’ve been exercising lots…the next decade of digits in my weight-loss are so tauntingly near, but they stay just out of reach. To further that cause, I apparently decided to have some kind of flu-thing yesterday. I feel much better today. Seriously. I have to – for Vegas.

Saturday, we bought floors. They are so pretty. They look kind of like this:

Soon, they will be in boxes on our porch, which will be so nice. We’ve also recently purchased a sofa and chair (neither of which are lime green, which is a lovely color but doesn’t so much go with our roasted red pepper walls):

We are all strangely grown-up.

I ran on Saturday, which was nice. Since I’ve given up on the 10/21 half-marathon that I talked about all summer, I made myself pick a new race, and as soon as registration opens, I’ll be signing up for the Hippie Chick Half-Marathon. Watching all the marathoners on Sunday made me jealous. Also glad I wasn’t in Chicago this weekend – hope it’s cooler in 2010, right Maida?

Yesterday I did a lot of nothing – I watched approximately eleventy-hundred episodes of Buffy and made soup.

Today, it’s work, work, work. I did get a walk in today, and have my follow-up appointment with my personal trainer tonight (I guess to see if the training took…I don’t think it did, I hate lifting weights).

So, although I haven’t blogged for almost a week, it’s because there’s no point – my life is boring. Hopefully I will have all sorts of fun things to report NEXT week, when I return from the capital of debauchery and fun. YAY! for Vegas!

(Also, today marks exactly 5 years since I first met the architect. I love you, baby.)

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