Vegas, Baby….

Soon, I will be on my way to Vegas. I am both excited and apprehensive, for a number of reasons.

I’m looking forward to being warm and sunned on and drinking Bloody Marys for breakfast.

I am not looking forward to being away from my architect for three nights. It always seems like a better idea in the abstract.

I’m hoping to get at least one good workout in, although the increasing trend of hotel gyms that you have to pay extra for, even when you’re a hotel patron sucks. I just got a room, shouldn’t you let me stay in shape for free? Then I’ll live longer, and come back to your hotel again. Pinky swear.

I’m going to a costume party in a couple of weeks, and the theme is “Horrors from the deep.” Any costume suggestions? Should I just stay home? (I hate parties. There are always so many….people…there.)

I got a call back from my allergist today, and it turns out that I’m not allergic to anything. At all. Not even a tiny bit. I have to go back for more tests, because apparently nobody’s that unallergic. Also, whatever my issues are with dairy (and looking back through some of my archives, this has been a persistent problem, at least since January), they are strengthening. I’m needing to stay cow-milk free. So, anyone know of any good goat gouda? ‘Cause I miss gouda. And brie. And stilton. And bleu cheese. And gorgonzola. And I could go on and on and on…..

My naturopath and her partner are having twins this week, and then they’re both going on maternity leave, so I tried to book an appointment for one last acupuncture appointment. So, everyone, keep your fingers crossed that the twins don’t come until at least Thursday of next week (they’ve reached their “twin” due date, but are not at the full gestation period yet, so I have a shot).

Not a lot else is happening.

I’m officially down 20.6 lbs since restarting WW in June (and am now a size 8! and they’re loose!) which makes me almost 60 lbs down since 2002. Which is kinda hot. Not much further to go now, I’m hoping to hit goal by New Year’s, just in time to run the Shamrock 15K in March and the Hippie Chick Half-marathon in May. ‘Cause that just sounds like fun.

Also, as soon as I hit a 10 mile run, I get to have a new tattoo! I know! So cool!

I signed up for nanowrimo again – and hope I do better than last year. (For some reason, that whole getting married thing really screwed up my momentum. Of course, this year I’m headed to LA the 1st weekend in November, so we’ll see what happens.)

so – that’s it. Happy weekend all.

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