A Weekend the Way Weekends Should Be

Friday ended well….we were sent home from work at about 3, so my friend Bianca & I, who were later meeting our husbands for dinner & a show, had to find a way to occupy ourselves.

Enter Veritable Quandary. We sat outside, chatted, and had a couple of drinks. Eventually, the architect joined us, and we headed to our dinner destination: Restaurant Murata. We had edamame, chicken meatballs, a bit of sake (which I still can’t acquire a taste for) and lots and lots of sushi.

And then? The Holy Grail of our evening: Spamalot! It was so much fun. the cast was great (although I felt as though King Arthur might be getting a bit carried away with his homage to Graham Chapman), the music was awesome, the order ahead intermission wine is an excellent idea….and I laughed so very much. I cannot think of a single reason why anyone should miss this production. It was fantabulous.

Saturday morning, we headed out to the woods. We met the architect’s Seattle friend Brian for a 2-night camping trip near the base of Mt. Adams. We did a relatively short hike on Saturday (about 5 miles) and relaxed around the fire. It was a bit chilly, but all survived. Sunday, we did a 15 mile hike to see some waterfalls, a lava bed, and many, many spectacular views of Adams, Hood & St. Helens. Sunday evening was a mellow affair – there was wine and oreos involved.

Yesterday morning, we packed up and headed out. The architect & I lazed about the rest of the day, accomplishing nothing. It was lovely.

Since we’re headed out to North Carolina in just over a week, I’m expecting that work will be busy for both of us. I get so stressed when I think about travel, so I’m going to try not to….too much.

My father leaves later this week to continue his Theological Superstar world tour – next stop Liverpool (he’s like a Beatle of the Wesleyan world).

The only sadness to report is that I had to go back to work today. And I would’ve rather slept for another few hours. Oh, well. I guess we all have to make sacrifices if we’re to have mortgages and shoes.

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